Chief Elder Osiris : A Mental Healing Is What We Need

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    A Mental Healing Is What We Need

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The way the world use its Mind today, A Mind that is Divine, will know that something that is Eternally Infinite Divine Intelligent, did not form the Universal World to be so profanely ignorant about the power the Mind, a Mind that has come with a body that claim to be of the highest of intelligence that is on an anthropomorphous level of living.

    So, when Black people begin to usher in excuses for the low level of mental status we now perform when in the use of our mind, we attempting to justify the disorder of Lying, deceiving , mental and physical abuse that is rendered upon each other, and we make claim that it is the way we are meant to behave in life, such a claim come only from Minds that are in need of mental Healing.

    Divine Perfection does not give birth to imperfection, and all imperfection is not of the making of the Divine Essence, ( God) so to justify our acquired ignorance, by claiming that the Divine Essence is not of a Divine Infinite Intelligence that is qualified to cause a Perfect and Divine Universe to come into physical being, a Reality that each universal physical component can know and understand the Perfection of the Divine Intelligent Infinite essence ability to form without the error of imperfection, such a belief about the Divine Essence, come only from a Mind that is in need of Mental healing.

    It is the made to be a fool mind, that say it is impossible to live with a Divine Utopian mind in the Universe, yet the Universe parts, which is of a different physical form, they being the objects that they are, does serve as an example to prove that Divine orderly motion of behavior by objects of the Universe is possible to perform Divinely in the universe.

    But you must come to see, it is the made to be fool that make claim that Divinity of Mind is impossible to possess, and claim it is not natural to expect such a performance to come from those members of the Universe,.

    Here we are, we who make claim to be of the highest performers of intelligence on the physical anthropomorphous level in the Universe, making claim that it is impossible to live Divinely, again a sign of the claimer of such profane belief about the mind capability, to the point that it prove such a mind making such a claim, is in need of mental Healing.

    There is nothing that is more profoundly in use of the body than the Mind, all that we do must get the final OK from the Mind, not the Heart, the Brain mind, that which interact with your sensibility to cause you to be the type of physical Being that you are, and when your Mind is operating out of order, so is your Life body, because that life body is guided by your mind performance, so no, there is not one component of the body function that is greater than the Mind, it is the Mind that determine who you are, therefore you are what your mind project you to be, beloved.

    The heart is the organ that pump life liquid through the body, the Mind is the Ethereal energy intelligence or lack thereof, it guide that life in how it perform on the level of Intelligence or the lack thereof.

    It is told to the addict who is a victim to certain vices of substance used to bring about an alter state of the mind, so in order to kick such a habit of use of such substance, for instance, Crack Cocaine and Alcohol, you first must be of mind enough to admit to your addition, because otherwise, a lying Mind serve to be a, enabling party to the addiction, having you making all types of irrational excuses about why it is that your mind is not sick, and when you refuse to admit to your sickness, then you are refusing to be healed, and you go on justifying your addiction sickness, the sign of a Mind in need of Healing.

    Beloved, as long as Black People operate with a Mind in denial of its sickness, such a sick mind is extended to be a victim of its addiction to lies and deception, the vices that serve as the vice to the addicted Mind of Black people, and as long as we remain in denial of our Mental addiction to those things that lie and deceive us, having us to believe that the way we now live our lives, is the way it is suppose to be, claiming that such a Mind addiction to Fantasy and illusion, is what make the world go around, and to believe such profanity to be True, then such a mind is what serve us to know it is in need of Healing.

    So, not until Black people come to acknowledge our mental addiction to lies and acts of deception, we place our mind in a position not to be Healed, because we are living a life of denial about the cause of our mental illness and us being in need of mental healing.

    The addict is not addicted to the drug, the addict is addicted to the euphoria that the drug cause to be experienced, so Black people Mind is addicted to lies and deception, drugs that give off the same euphoria to the mind of Black people, and not until there is an acknowledgment by Black people that our mind is addicted to lies and deception, the Mind of Black people will remain addicted to living the life that our mind has been made to become addicted to.

    Here we are today, our mind now get a high off of lies and acts of deception, meaning we love and rather to be told to us lies, rather than the Divine truth, we love being deceived, rather than Honesty, all serving to be a sign that the Mind of Black people, is in need of A Divine Healing.

    Take for instance the addict to their vices, they congregate with each other when doing their act to get High, they feed off of each other in their partaking with the Drug of their choice, the alcoholic go to their favorite watering hole, (Bar Club) and congregate with each other in the process of getting high and because they are among people of like mind, they soar in their High elevation.

    Beloved, the same activity apply when there is a need to Heal your mind and get to experience the High off your Divine spirituality, like mind feed off of like mind and that is why the time is now for a Divine Spiritual Retreat.

    Because, you must come to be able to see, it is all about generating a mental Healing process, an action that will give you the opportunity to experience the Greatest Divine Natural High that you are entitled to, and the Divine Drug you are to use, is Divine Profound Reasoning, Rational Thinking, and Logical in your decision making about those things that are in need of your mind possession, and where there are like Divine Minds, congregated with each other, the energy of your Divinity through the Acton of your mind thoughts, will reveal to you those things that need to be done by you in order to change Divinely, the dynamics of your Mind Life.

    In A Divine Spiritual Retreat Mental setting, Fear give way to assurance, certainty, Truth, and to Reality, Doubt and believing give way to Knowing and Understanding, Life abuse give way to Life peace and enjoyment, all meaning that when in possession of your Divine mind, there is nothing that you accept for your life that is less than its freedom, Independence, and Sovereignty.

    Such principles of life serving as attributes of a Divine Way of Thinking and Living, and when in possession of such a Divine Mind, nothing less than living a Divine Life will be acceptable to you Black people.

    But, you need to see, such a Divine spiritual High will not be experienced until you come face to face, acknowledging the illness we possess in our mind, and the need for our mind to be healed, and the first step to reaching such a level of mental Divinity, is to be able to see the need for Black people to congregate at a Divine spiritual Retreat, coming with a Unity of Divine Mind Thought, and that is to get to Know once again, who you Black People Really are, beloved.

    You see beloved, to be ignorant of what the Divine Essence Is, (GOD) will have you worshiping and praising a God that is not where Lucifer has pointed out to you, where "HE IS", you being not with the Divine Mind to know that Lucifer is your God and is your Religion, and to Lucifer, we do give all of the praise.

    Because, you must be able to see, when you get to Know What god Is, You Will know That such Infinite Divine Intelligence Energy, is not in need or want to be praised, you just come to know to acknowledge what is Divinely Real and true, beloved, and you do that, with a Healed Mind, grown now to be Divine again.

    The Doubting Mind is the mind of religion, the Trusting Mind, is that which Divinely know the difference.

    Can you Understand that, Beloved?

    Be Kind to your self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]