Black Poetry : A Man Who Beats A Woman Is A Coward Physically Are Mentally (Adult Content)

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    A Man Who Physically Abuse, Mentally Abuse A Women Is The Coward Within His Self.

    The player the hater, the women the crier ,
    the abuser, the insecure of self.
    The back door lover, which plays with the mind
    of his lover, trying to beat her down.
    Sisters hide behind the doors and say,
    Oh this dose not happen to me.
    Children watching the idiot box,
    when mama want to play,.
    Never thinking what a child learns
    between the ages of infancy and five.
    Will be there fate in life to come.
    Parents don't give a dam, in what
    there children learn, boys who don't
    know how to be men. Who raised there self.
    Mothers who live alone, who only care about self.
    No leads that represent what it takes to be a man.

    Nevertheless a coward is a coward.
    when you beat on a women in any form.
    children that learn what they see.

    Because she has no security of self.
    Loving the frame, but the picture
    has no image of self. The man who forgets
    his mother was a women, nevertheless
    he never cared about his mother,
    because he dose not love self.
    Never understanding the terms of a woman,
    nevertheless he never understood
    the word holy. Within the realms of destruction,
    there is no respect for the foundation.
    Women who live in a tunnel vise mind.
    Accepting the abuse for the man
    she says she love.

    Forsaking others who try to bring
    her back from the living hell.
    A rainbow color of make belief men.
    There is no color to label so call men.
    All women feel the pain.

    Living in a vacuum of no self respect,
    he calls her ******* and whores,
    she sits back, and states Oh I love him,
    I just don’t give a dam about self.
    Satin who has conquer the mind of lost slaves.

    The reverse of slavery the lover that lives in her house.
    Forsaken her children who live to see the abuse
    to pass on to the next generation to come.
    The lioness without protection of children,
    that roes upon her house.

    Man who never understood the virtues of a man.
    The role which he never learn.
    The sanctuary of his seed,
    the protection of man that he should lead.

    Men who live to destroy the
    sanctuary of a women.
    The laughter of being a player,

    as women sit back and play the fool,
    never removing the scum
    that lives upon her doors,
    blaming the mistress,
    but never the man who played the player.

    The game the player,
    who is the player when you hurt the one you love,
    How could love be define,
    when the devil lives within your house.
    What a price to pay, for lonely becomes
    the hell that lives within,
    Profiling to those who could never erase the scars.
    Pride that has been castrated
    for the price of a roll in the night.

    Lustful lovers who the man laughs
    as he leaves the dog house,
    Looking for another victim to prey.
    Women feel that they are greate
    Than the next. The devil has no conscious,
    when he leaves his marks.

    The word ***** oh how it brings rage.
    A ***** is a dog, many men use this word,
    as well as the sisters, who try to identify
    self because the man who said so.
    This is not for all men, which I only speak
    of the cowards who hide behind women.
    Many lost souls who think they are better,
    many times they play the woman role.

    Today you never no who is
    the woman and who is the man.
    Men who live in the closet hating women,
    for there image is not in standards
    Of which they choose.

    The abuser that lives within the house of a fool,
    There is no pity for the fool who lives
    within the house of hell.
    Crying to be saved, forsaken truth
    which she continues to hold on.
    Crying to others to save her from self.
    Knowing the abuse who lives in her house.

    Worshiping the devil, and crying to be saved.
    What the hell is wrong with this picture.
    Loving the addiction of pain.

    Sisters who hide behind the hip hop,
    Boys singing tell the ***** she’s whore,
    project reject, let me sex you all night,
    the whore that lives in the back door,
    shake your *** to you can’t shake no more,
    show me some skin *****,
    get down on your knees and shake that ***.
    G strings hanging out her ***,
    penis cillin all round her door,

    She says she’s a lady, when she’s down on her knee’s

    Talking about he’s our brother the system
    did him wrong, it’s the world fault he’s a dog.
    Dressing up little girls like little whores,
    pants so tight they can’t breathe,
    where’s the little dresses, and the pony tails.

    Breeding children on hip hop tales,
    Boys pimping the image of women,
    never giving back to the culture,
    and *** holes buying there records,
    to keep up with the Jones.
    Pimping pride, for the royalties of records,
    children singing do it in the butt,
    And can’t recite there ABC’s

    Dresses up there ***** smelling like fish tanks.
    Running circles for a group of men.
    And we wonder why men call a woman a dog.
    Nevertheless the virtues of man is being up hold.
    Beware of the boys in a mans anatomy,
    My king is a man of honor,
    and he treats a women like a queen.

    Women on that bad boy ****,
    when a good man comes along,
    he’s not good enough,
    slave masters mentality, a gloating for pain.
    Blinders in a tunnel of self destruct.

    Nevertheless a man who inflict pain on a women,
    and mentally castrates the mind.

    He’s a coward trying to prove how great he is ,
    to another brother, how childish it is to try to play
    someone for a fool, when he still living with mama,
    when things go wrong.
    Women who are sadistic to pain.
    Loving the abuser and refusing
    a good man when he comes along.
    When she is giving love, and ten out of a hundred
    taking care of his sorry butt.
    Oh how woman are so easily to punish
    a child with discipline problems,

    But a man can dog her all day and night,
    and she will forgive him if the sex is in order.
    Slave mentality that sets before her door,
    the provider of her house hold.
    And the man lives there for free,
    and calls her a back door whore.
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    very deep
    real as well
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    BUSINESS owner
    felt dis here nice scribe & deep too
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    Deeply profound truth spoke in this piece!

    It's so sad to think that these women are mother's and they can't even love one another...not to mention a decent brother. I understand the mental torture and how they get enslaved.
    Thinking they can do no better.
    So they stay in the storm tossed weather.
    See I know they must have seen it as kids...that's why their lives have hit the skids and now they passing it on to their kids....SAD BUT TRUE...YOU TELL A GOOD STORY!

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    Speak on my sista speak on...let no stone go unturned.
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    ...down south...
    deep piece...
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    very deep... i loved this so much. much love to you.