Black Spirituality Religion : A MAGICAL LANGUAGE?

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    Is it possible for us to use our spiritual minds, esoteric knowledge and creative imaginations to design a magical language?

    Why would we want to create a magical language?

    We can also ask why would we want our own language to being with? Africa has several different languages- hundreds of different tongues, and hundreds of different ways by which those languages are spoken. Languages are used to differentiate people, tribes, families, communities and frame of mind.

    Having a language that those who seek to manipulate you do not understand is also a path to power. For this reason Whites are the ones who want Ebonics to be a studied language in schools. And even though Blacks fought against the idea, see- they went ahead and did it anyway by using the media. Using our lust for fame and money against us, they were able to record enough of us speaking the language so they could study it, understand it and mock it.

    I have ceased your language, I have ceased your power.

    Hip-Hop as well as Reggae music tried it's best to create cultural tongues that disguised the truth about what was really being said. But in time both artforms were infiltrated by Whites willing to learn and Blacks willing to teach them. Oooh, so that's what punani means? Is that what a battyboi is? You don't say.

    And as I've mentioned in the past about the Bible, these talks are none of their business and should not be part of any "urban dictionary." And this is also why so many people think powerful knowledge is for everyone when it is not. If it's meant for you, it will "come" to you.

    So understanding why we need our "own" language- because we need to be able to talk, communicate and socialize without easedroppers, translators and decoders trying to infiltrate our building of consciousness and power- a "magical" language suggests that such would be used to manipulate the force - the consciousness of all things.

    But why Magic?

    It is said that all languages start out first as magical. Meaning that these languages were invented on purpose because of their capacity for manipulating reality. We call it "magic" because these changes are not always fully reasoned with by the human senses. Yet it can be fully understood through mental awareness and spiritual practice.

    In a video game, magic is simply the cheat codes players pass on to one another. There are always cheat codes because there are always gaps in the programming and anomalies the original game designer/programmer did not find or fix.

    In the beginning of this reality, it is clear to some that all matter was programmed to some degree, people will call it "the word of God" - but what were these words? What language did these Gods speak? Was it music, math? Hebrew? Aramaic? Swahili? Perhaps it was all of these. Because the "word" is how the intent manifests itself. So a pure focused intent charges up the word. Which means the word could be any series of sounds, mathematical principles or even drawings/images that are not understood at first by their listeners, therefore the listeners have no way of obstructing it's process.

    This also means the "word" is the will itself. A magical language is a way of communicating your true intent or will without obstruction from any party or member who would want to interfere with that intent.

    I've been studying the mysticism of language for some time now, and I've come to only a couple of conclusions.

    1. Language tries to reaffirm the first telepathic language of Human society and brain functions.

    Meaning that all language only paint pictures. Which is why if you can't "see what a person is saying" you really don't understand them at all. Telepathy is the method of not necessarily speaking without the mouth, but beaming images into the brain. For example, if I wanted to tell you it's raining outside, I would beam an image of it raining outside into your brain. All language attempts to recreate that history. The meat and potatoes of all languages are in the images their sounds construct. Which of course depends of the brain function of memory. New words have no meaning for us unless we look them up and store them in our memory.

    2. Words do not make a language.

    Words are part of a language, but language is not totally about words. All form of communication can be a language. Just as a song is not all about it's lyrics. The lyrics are important, but the song itself has more facets. When most people learn a new language, naturally they just commit new sounds into memory. They learn what those sounds mean, how those sounds are to be constructed, what certain terms, phrases and greetings mean. But without knowing and understand the totality of that language, the words themselves never come alive, they are not fluid enough.

    Anyone who speaks patwa/patois knows this to be true. It's still english right?
    But the linguistic patterns of patwa are different from English. Just as Creole and French have their differences. Sometimes Africans who speak French and Haitians who speak Creole still cannot understand each other because their sounds are in some cases attached to different mental images.

    Language also conveys moods, emotions, regional culture- all through the light tapping of certain pitches and melodies. And it would be dishonest to say that we always know what Black folks are talking about. An intent can change everything.

    What would a "magical language" do?

    It would protect your intent from obstruction and rebuttals from those who have a sincere interest in your dissolution.

    In the popular Harry Potter movies, Harry uses a series of magical words, some usually deriving from latin spell names. Latin is often used in spell magic because latin is comprised of many spirits that used the language for summoning and spellcraft. In other cases, it pure fiction- but fiction is also the use of the creative imagination where our true being is more aligned.

    What types of sayings make you feel powerful when you say them? What types of words draw out your highest potential and will to control your reality?

    A friend of mine told me that sometimes she has a vision of something going wrong in her life and when she sees that she will say outloud while still picturing it in her head "This is not my Fate."

    This statement is highly effective when used in this matter. It is also very effective to clone these words so that enemies will not use it against you either. This is example of how this statement can be concealed.


    Said outloud, it will sound like a foreign tongue- but it brings the mind to the same intent, the sounds are changed just slightly- but not enough to lose it's power.

    The same is done with any slang or "broken english." The idea here, is to find the most powerful intentions and conceal them with slightly different sounds.

    Remember all power stems from you, your are the God of all your worlds. All magic only helps to draw out and work with your own power.

    So any statement that brings your justice and protection, should be also be protected from those who will seek to change your intent.

    Your Gods Cannot Harm Me. = Yougon wilna Hamat

    Once you find the right sounds you feel comfortable with, meditate on them and recite them and fuse your intent into those words. The more you recite them, meditate on them and visualize what they will do when you use them, the more powerful your words will be become.

    And better yet, it's yours- it's your language- it's a power they cannot take from you.

    Unless you teach them what it means of course...

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    Just adding to the mix ......

    Peace Metasaience and thank you very much for such a interesting and insightful post, delivered with eloquence. I am of the view that our 'words' create our inner and outer dynamics and can ultimately effect our environment /society/culture. Words carry vibrations, resonance, tone and intent. I would also add "harmonic vibration" as in music into the mix. A note, chord also has this same effect as words. Music is a language all of its own and can touch peoples psyche both consciously and unconsciously. The two combined (harmony and words) translates to sacred geometry, mathematics, Heku and science.

    Please take a look at this experiment ....

    Featured Content on Myspace

    Featured Content on Myspace

    If one could perceive of the 'righted' harmony and words ... the potential for unlocking 'greatness' is vast. I'm just putting this 'out there' so to speak (smile). What are you thoughts, if any? .... (hoping I'm not too offbase)

    Peace :)
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    "I came to bring the pain hard core to the brain.. let's go inside my astral plane" ...


    ^^real talk Br. Meta...

    the devil won't neva c thru the code...
    the way we talk from times of ole..
    some of ours took and sold...
    but u ain't deceived that's why u shine like gold...

    a woman's love is heavenly
    I take what I love and put it in a circle with me
    until all can see and minds are free
    they'll never figure out this thing called we

    as the world turns and the day begins
    I change my words and escape from sin...
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    That was excellent Sis.SeekingMaat & Miss Lady, and hopefully the video was real and not animation. But there is so much research being down right now with sound frequencies and words- especially the effects they have on our bodies. Fractals also form in water crystals depending on the types of words we use. All the elements are programmed through sound because sound holds the charge of our intent.

    The best way to know the power of certain words is to chat them and feel the effect it has our your emotional aura. Chanting certain words either cause an increase of energy or a decrease, by this we know the power of that word. Certain words causes the spirit to flow out while others cause the spirit to hold back.

    If you want to know what a person really really thinks about you. Give that person a glass of water, and ask them to focus their energy on that glass and think about how they really feel about you. After they are finished thinking about you while focusing on the glass of water, drink the water. By the change in your energy you will know exactly how you feel. Of course some people are more sensitive than others, and such people don't need that glass of water to "feel" how others think about them. Such people are more empathetic.

    The realization of this is that we are containers of energy coded by emotions and memories, therefore "words" as they sound- while complex are only containers themselves for emotions and memories. Some people will debate about what language is more powerful than the other when the truth is what makes any language more powerful is not the words of that language themselves, but the level of consciousness those words contain because of the level of consciousness of the people who used that language.

    Who gave the "RA" sound it's power? African people. "RA" is still used as a sound to charge up the body. Sports teams use it, the Military uses it, even musical Artists/rappers/singers use it. Now let's ask what language does "RAH RAH" come from? It doesn't belong to any language, it's universal and part of Human culture. Most will say it's just something people chant. Yet every language on the planet knows this sound. That is not a coincidence that the RA of Africa is also the sound used in most chants around the world. Without digging up the ground this is clear proof that Africans seeded this planet.

    When people see something disgusting they say "Ew" or "Ill" this is also universal. People say "O" -"Oh" as a way of processing thought of new discovered knowledge. Also universal. "Ah-ha" is also universal, catching someone in the act of something, or finding out something that was once hidden.

    Facial and body language are also very important to spoken language as well. Just as important as glyphs are to written language. It's all about creating an image that can be related to another image or action. Words make up images, and the brain can still manage to form an image even if that word is misspelled or completely broken up.

    Wrds cn mke anythng we wnt.

    It's all in the matter of how we composed our intent to being with.

    Magical words can also be designed through numerology.


    The so-called "magical word" - A-bra-ka-da-bra equals to 1-291-21-41-291 in numerology.
    Ho-cus-po-cus - 86-331-76-331

    Both of these words contains shapes or fractals. When words rhyme they are meant to create a shape of something in the subconscious. Another reason why music and song is so powerful in spellcraft.

    More on Abrakadabra
    Abracadabra - Wikipedia

    What is interesting here about what the numerology says about the word Abracadabra, is the "bra" equals 291, which takes the shape of a triangle with a circle in the middle. Which means a vortex of some kind. Interestingly enough, Women's breasts are vortexes of energy also, and "bras" are worn to support them.

    Abrakadabra - "I create as I speak"?

    1-291-21-41-291 - shows the image (and I'm only reading from my understanding numbers) of Ah- which is 1, opening up a vortex which is 291, taking it's life force/energy- KA, which is also 3, (21) -and changing it- DA- 41 is 5 the number of change. And then returning it back to 291.

    I know it might be difficult at first to understand how I got all that from numbers, but we can go into that later. If anyone has already read the Dreams and Astral thread you might get a feel for it.

    But let's say I wanted to design my own magical sound/word using this same science found here by using numerology to decode a word. First I would start with an image of my intent. In this case with Abrakadabra the intent was to change the lifeforce or energy of something on a spiritual level.

    So let's say my intent is to block all levels of psychic attacks.
    I imagine myself inside an impenetrable bubble composed of dark energy, purples and golds swirling around, and all energy thrown at it is bounced off and is projected directly back to it's sender.

    What was the saying when we were children?

    "I am rubber, you are glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you."?

    This was also a magical saying.

    I would meditate on that image, and find the numbers that compose it. The bubble is a 9, most round spheres are 9s in shape. Now I want this bubble to be strong, so I would use allot of 9s to build. It. First I have to put myself inside of it, in the form of 1. This is what that image would look like:


    I am within a bubble 7 layers deep. The 1 represents me, and the 9s represents the bubble. But now we have to add more actions to this script. I want energy directed at this bubble to bounce off and go back to it's sender. For that I can use 6, because this is the number of harmony, so basically I am saying the bubble will remain unchanged. To return the energy to the sender I use the number 8. Which is also proof good can be used against us as well, because 8 is a sender receiver device and is used also to symbolize infinity. It can be used to direct energy back to it's sender.

    This is the most important part of the script, but the visual elements are added later once the sound is created. I will then use the word as a chant while focusing on the image of myself inside this protective bubble.

    My numbers should say " I sit within a field power, no one can harm me."

    999999919999999 = I sit within a field of power
    8686 8686 = no one can harm me.

    So here's is what we come up with. You will find this interesting.
    In order to get the right duplicated sound for so many 9s, the R sound (see chart) has to be whole notes- longer. RrrrrrrrrrrarrrrrrrrR, so basically I would be chanting RaRaRaRaRa, to build up the power around me, which is actually what this sound does to the body.

    And the 8686 translates to be Ho,Ho. Interesting. Is that what Santa is saying? Combining these two into RaHo, or the popular HooRa, or HoRay, is also a powerful chant.
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    Written language is one aspect, but if we really wanted to created a magical language the easiest way would be to speak on into existence. Spoken languages always deal with certain patterns and melodies of speech. These patterns are learned as early as inside the womb. Most music for example will consist of drum patterns to illustrate the heartbeat, and shhhh sounds made by rattles or string instruments to illustrate Mother's breathing patterns. All the sounds we heard in the womb are used in music. When developed properly these sounds can be used to create new languages.

    We all have a complex library of sounds that are associated with images, ideas, concepts, moods etc. And these sounds can be rearranged, "sampled" in a sense to create newer ideas and concepts.

    But in this case we aren't just creating a language for the sake of speaking, but for the sake of manifesting our will into space time.

    The idea of sampling our current language and creating a new one, is a very old method, and some might even say there is no other easy way to create a language. A new language is in simple terms a mockery of an older language, or a set of concepts/sounds that have been grasped and fully understood to be used in the new creation.

    So that would be what? Just about every language our African minds have created since we've been infected with english. What's interesting is that we have the capacity to create new language but still need White authorities to tell us we have created something substantial.

    If you can communicate with it, it's a language. Period. For some reason too many of us are shamed of our "code switching" and ability to "jive" talk and "hood talk" and proper talk all at the same time.

    Let's look at what Ebonics looks like on a cosmic level.


    Musical mathematicians create crop circles with sound, and we build our consciousness with sound as well. It's all in a method of simplifying something extraordinary into something simple but still interesting. That in itself is the mark of genius.

    So we'll take "what's up" and make it "'sup." Or maybe even nod our head for the same effect. That's what sampling is about, just cut out the piece that is most important.

    For example: SEE THE TRUTH = SETH TUT
    Certain letters have been removed, trimming the intent down to something ideal and interesting.

    Making it interesting makes it easy to remember thus powerful, because the inner mind is male, female as well as child- all 3 make us who we are. So languages can't be too intuitive or too logical because if it's too boring the mind will reject it. Which is another reason why when most people learn a new language they often start with the curse words first.

    I recently used this magical statement while I was trying to remember something and it worked beautifully. As I chanted the words I visualized a dark triangle and something was manifesting in it's center.

    By chanting the words and visualizing what you want it do when you speak it, you are giving the words life. Sigils are created in a similar fashion.