Black Poetry : A Lover's Goodbye


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Apr 6, 2006
Myrtle Beach, SC
On the off chance that you wonder,
In spite of numerous convos before
Eternity's call parted our hearts,
What I felt or had to say...
Let there be no question,
that I considered it a blessing
to know and love you.
Most would criticize the moment
Our hearts united and the fashion
which we chose our unity's undergoings;
the risks we took for this love not knowing
what would become of our actions.
What started as one night
Of mutual satisfaction
Would spark a continual loving interaction
That even death has not changed.
You see,

From the first crashes of many
Orgasmic waves in the sea of our bed,
I loved you.

They who were on your side
Accused me of being a player.
The voices inside your insecurity
Called you a **** and a whore.
But I knew that night
We were nothing of the sort,
Simply something misunderstood
That a pleasurable ritual
Opened our hearts to something more.
You spread the lies your heart held,
In trust, you put them in my hands,
And I exposed to you the truth
And that same night of pleasure
Is where our love began.

From the first crashes of many
Orgasmic waves in the sea of our bed,
I loved you.
Walking the valley of our pains
Until those dark stains
were washed away by love's rains,
I loved you.

From friends with benefits to lovers
I discovered your gifts,
The very ones your haters said
would never get you anywhere.
In gratitude for your trust,
I said let them hate
While we picnic on the moon
And commune with the stars
at the height of your success,
blessed each chapter you wrote
with loving critique and praise
As I cherished your voice.
Not only was I your man,
but your biggest cheerleader,
already seeing 10 years celebrations
Of your dream's birthday.

From the first crashes of many
Orgasmic waves in the sea of our bed,
I loved you.
With translations of dreams designed
From your beautiful mind
To your notebook lines,
I loved you.

And when pregnancy came,
I refused to run.
Continued to be with you,
even to the birth of our son.
Difficulties and death of a guide
Would tear you from my side
Drawing you to one
Who filled your heart with lies.
With many tears,
I prayed and cried for your return.
Kept manhood straight
Where are son was concerned.
As your new lying lover eclipsed your days,
I watched through your sadness
And multiple prison stays
From following his ways.

From the first crashes of many
Orgasmic waves in the sea of our bed,
I loved you.
Through your betrayal of trust
For the sake of materialistic lusts,
I loved you.

Waited a decade plus some
For the day to come
Where your mistakes could clearly be seen,
And in spite of it all,
Still had a shot at your dreams.
You asked questions.
With love, I answered.
You acknowledging my love
To be the truest of all
That your heart blindly pursued
Compelled me to forgive all.
Yet before the last holiday
Of last year made its calll,
Your mother did,
Telling me your life left you;
That I no longer had
My mate, my life love to connect to.
It was truly over.
We'd never get the chance
we talked about for so long,
being partners in marital dance;
a dream shattered,
two hearts broken,
a family denied.
I had to settle
for you laying in flames
to fly to heaven
Instead of living by my side.
And these tears I cry
Is because...

From the first crashes of many
Orgasmic waves in the sea of our bed,
I loved you.
In the life you were given
From love to betrayal
To truth and being forgiven,
I loved you...

And as I move on
in sorrow and reflection,
No matter what,
I still love you.

A personal poem by Nyne Elementz
RIP Annitris Marcus, ex-girlfriend (1975-2014)
$$RICH$$, MzBlkAngel, and TotalView, thank you for your kind words. All I can tell y'all is that the words don't do the love we shared justice.

Sister MzBlkAngel, she was my world. I never felt so loved and trusted by anyone the way I was by her. I tried hard to set her beautiful gifts free. If I could use a song to tell you how our love was from night one, I'd have to pick Sade's "No ordinary love." We did what most wouldn't do, became each other's addiction, and loved each other like every day would be our last. The day we (our son and I) came down to see her, I was going to see if we could reunite. Mind you, our relationship ended 14 years ago, and I still felt her coursing through my veins. This poem was a result of not only me missing her, but trying to work through the fact that she's gone. My only hope and prayer is that if God took her, then the love he has for me is better, more powerful and potent, and fits me. This poem was all I could do to ease my withdrawal symptoms. That's how much I loved her.

Sister TotalView, every word was real, the love and the pain.

Brother $$RICH$$, I know you and I know what that kind of love feels like. So believe me, I'm there with you on your response.
the connection stayed...commitment made...acknowlegement paper needed.

unfortunately, there are people out there who hate seeing couples happy...and will do anything to destroy that happiness. but, sometimes, we're blessed with that reconnection...and the happiness that follows.

i, too, have reconnected. fortunately, we were able to consummate our, five years married.

beautifully done, NyneElementz.


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