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    I aint a killer don't push me
    And I don't mean 2 get all mushy
    But I loved u
    So why the **** is ur hand around my neck
    Every brick I've layed is now marker by regret
    And I claimed u like the set
    I loved u the day we first met
    So why the **** is ur hand around my neck
    So what u found a pictures of my ex
    So u read some groupie tricks text
    it gives u no right 2 tear away my flesh
    Tatoo ur nails in my breast
    So ill give u 5 seconds...
    2 remove ur ashy *** ****** hands....
    from my neck
    You want me 2 feel your pain
    Cut yourself and watch my vains
    Bruise my skin like I stood in purple rain
    When will I get the picture u never gonna change
    I love u but not ur anger
    Im not having u puttin my unborn in danger
    I use 2 admire your inner strength
    U didn't care if I had money in the bank
    To Mold just ur attitude towards gratitude
    But keep getting violant wit me
    And watch me shake the **** out chu!
    Maybe shake the ***** outta u
    "U make me do this 2 u"
    Sometime I think u fight so we can make up and screw
    But I've always allowed u 2 do u
    Didn't listen when all my friends and family booed
    Tried 2 show u the way
    Listen 2 whatever u had 2 say
    But u gonna end up really hurtin me 1 day
    "U already know I got a quick temper I don't
    mean 2 doubt u
    My bad for slicin up ur couch 2"
    And I still took her back
    We were pheens for love but
    the sex was the crack
    She had a (inhale) breathe taking beauty
    People watchin us like couples watch movies
    And when her push came 2 shove
    My name inked on her body applafied my love
    And I mean shed pay for everything shed break, and I was raised by a black
    woman so a beating I can take
    And I mean she wasn't a bad person
    but if I woulda stayed it only woulda got worse an
    I don't wanna end up in her hurse an
    Im blessed I truly love everything about my life!
    And The **** she put me thru will jus further allow me appreciate my
    But I ask myself why?
    How could someone so beautiful be so empty inside?
    The answer is violance....
    Gang violance
    The same last name violance...Brothers Brains in the drain violence
    On her it rained violance
    But death is a pain u can't wash away vilonce....
    How many have heard this......
    ...silence as u take a moment of peace
    A moment of peace for that smile that's deceased
    Or this ....
    I call it The silence before the storm
    And I've heard bullet wounds r warm
    and This storm

    it creeps quietly like a theif
    Like kids sneakin downstairs on christmas eve
    This Silence is proceeded by gunshots that silences choirs
    Echoed by screaching tires
    U see my ex had 3 brothers
    All slain
    And Her mother use 2 beat her like a runaway slave
    If her hands wernt heavy enough
    Shed use words 2 welt her brain
    And a child seeks what it knows
    So she at home
    when she throwin them bows
    And what's sad is I see so much potential in her
    so much love wanting 2 escape like an uncaged bird
    But how much can a man sacrafice of himself
    Before he no longer has any wealth
    Sorrow can dampen even health
    And I was growin weary of holdin us up like my ed hardy belt
    BUT u wanna know what did it?
    Cuz Even after everything I still woulda took u back
    What made me listen 2 all those cridicts?
    Tellin me thas not how loves suppose 2 act
    What told me u not good enough 2 share my life
    Even after ud
    beat me down like christ
    the **** u did was so vidictive so precise
    U took a gamble shot them dice
    Had me scrathin my head 4 lice
    U called the cops and tried 2 have me arrested
    Revenge is not love and I finally had 2 question
    As the edges began 2 peal from my heart like crust
    I question Is this love?....or is it lust?
    Cuz what's created in sin is detroyed in sin
    And u of all people!
    tried 2 end my dream befor it begin!
    U knew I was on scholarship for ball
    And a felony would lead them 2 take it all
    And I begged u 2 end the call
    And u jus pumped ur jaw
    And oooo i wanted 2 hit u so ****** hard u fall
    Really give u a reason 2 call

    BUt i Stood Tall covered my end like donte hall
    And That's when I froze
    Police were takin pictures of me
    like myspace hoes
    u left a comment on my Body
    With them ghetto *** nails
    But because ima real man
    They took your dumb *** 2 jail
    And I loved u enough not 2 even think about pressin charges
    Cuz its time 2 release my mind of this garbage
    Erase u witout a trace
    Run alone at a steady pace
    Allow God 2 bring perfection 2 me
    Its jus sad u didn't see value and increadible blessin
    u had in me
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    day care provider (own business)
    Brick City
    In life, many of us
    Eat, but never stop to "Chew"
    Hear, but not really "Listen"
    and yes...
    Look, but do we really "See"
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    BUSINESS owner
    thoughts to think on ......nice write
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    We tend not to miss the water til the well runs dry. Keep those flows coming.