Black People : A "Living Sheroe Moment" goddess Alexyss K. Tylor

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    Statue of Liberation for the Black Nation

    :angel1: :angel1: :angel1: : goddess Alexyss K. Tylor :angel1: :angel1: :angel1:

    Because of the honor you give to the Afrikan Carbon Family, because of the progress that you seek, because of your resolution to lead the Afrikan people back to their righteous mind-set not abandoning them there, because of the seen and unseen power in you, you fall into the position of "A Living SHEroe", and this is the moment..

    :angel1: :angel1: :angel1: goddess Alexyss K. Tylor:angel1: :angel1: :angel1: :angel1:

    Where we find a True Divine THINKING Afrikan/Black Womb-Gender (Female), full with Knowledge, Understanding/Overstanding, and Wisdom, SHE becomes the enemies biggest threat. A Afrikan/Black Thinking womb-gender is a Black Kingdom builder, and SHE need ALL Afrikan/Black THINKING Men to Cover and build a Fence around HER from the enemies. Run, Run, Run, Afrikan/Black man and womb-genders, and protect HER, and wash her feet with your tears and dry her feet with your hair. Sit at HER feet and touch the HEM of HER Garment of Knowledge, Understanding/Overstanding, and Wisdom. SHE, the True Thinking Afrikan/Black womb-genders will take you back to the place where you were Born (with) Truth, The Land of Harmony, Balance and Order-Blissfulness.

    goddess Alexyss K. Tylor, I speak on behalf of ALL Divine Thinking sisters and brothers, because when we are One, the others can speak on each other behalf.

    goddess Alexyss K. Tylor, you are Being the Change The World/Afrikans/Blacks Need To See, A Divine Statue Of Liberation for Afrikans/Blacks/Afrika.

    goddess Alexyss K. Tylor, as a true THINKING goddess, it is our duty to eloquently equip our Afrikan King gods/Queen goddesses with the most vital and essential tools and weapons that will strengthen our Afrikan male/female Warriors on the Front-line. The eloquent words from the Queen goddesses lips, are to:

    Encourage, Equip, and Motivate each other, For Iron Sharpens Iron.

    The Destiny of Womb-Genders: Is the Destiny of the World. The revival, resurrection, and revolution (with Truth) begins with us. A Nation will rise no higher than its woman, and the profound eloquent words from the Queen goddesses lips to a Warrior (male/female) lighten his/her load, which frees him/her up to do battle.

    goddess Alexyss K. Tylor, as you enter any room, may your presence always have the appearance of a gazelle, like a Stag on the mountain.

    May the wisdom that comes forth from your lips, from your heart, a love which consumes with fire for the Black Afrikan Carbon Family, terrify nations, and shake kingdoms with Truth.

    I plea with you Mighty Warrior goddess Alexyss K. Tylor. let no people, place or thing, cause you to miscarry or abort your mission. Carry your mission to its full term. I plea with you, sister, to do nothing to cause an interruption for your love for Divine righteousness.

    goddess Alexyss K. Tylor, I do not need to look for you among the flocks of other women. To you My Beloved goddess SISTER Alexyss K. Tylor, continue to, excite the hearts, souls, and mind of the people (with Truth) like a mare excites the stallions of Pharaoh's chariots.

    I plea with you Mighty Warrior goddess, SISTER Alexyss K. Tylor to continue to ride on in majestic to victory for the defense of Truth and Justice. Your strength will win us great victories.

    May these words continue to fill you with energy, power, and Spirit (All One) for the struggles to come, and there are many. For if we get tired of racing against the oppressors, how can we race against horses?

    If we cannot stand up in open country, how will we manage in the jungle. Many have joined in the attacks against us. People who hate us for no reason. Let harmony (which confuses the enemy) with overstanding be the shield that protects you.

    goddess SISTER Alexyss K. Tylor, sharpen your Tongue (with Truth), for It (tongue) will pierce the hearts of our enemies, liars and deceivers, and ALL those that are against us will fall down at our feet, and the Black/Afrikan righteous Kingdom Will Come.

    No longer will our enemies be glad and make fun of us, like those who mock a cripple, with stares of hate. With Truth, stop our enemies, those liars, from gloating over our defeat. Stop those who hate us for no reason from smirking with delight over our defeat. They have no heart to speak in friendly ways. Instead they invent all kinds of lies about peace-loving people.

    We can no longer just stand as onlookers, as the Lions, the Den of Thieves, continues to gnaw and claw us. Let your food and drink be Obedience, to the energy, power, Spirit (all One) Oneness with The Divine Creator/Reveler. Obedience of Truth, is Divine Black/Afrikan righteousness Mission Statement (MS)/Statement of Policy (SOP).

    goddess SISTER Alexyss K. Tylor, I Salute the Truth in you.

    goddess SISTER Alexyss K. Tylor, continue to pant like a deer thirsty for the water that is beyond a dry well.

    goddess SISTER Alexyss K. Tylor, may you continue to feast at the Tables of, Knowledge, Understanding/Overstanding, and Wisdom.

    goddess SISTER Alexyss K. Tylor, may you always Kiss the Lips of Wisdom.

    goddess SISTER Alexyss K. Tylor, I Am honored to call you my Divine Sister of Truth.

    I know goddesses when I see them, and I know how and when to Salute and Bow, and I Bow to The Truth that resides in goddess SISTER Alexyss K. Tylor.

    Goddess IsIs Akkebala
    A Statue Of Liberation for Afrikans/Blacks/Afrika
    Being the Change The World Needs To See