Black Short Stories : A Little Too Late

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    If I could turn back the hands of time, my life would be so different. That one day..that one decision, turned my whole world upside down. My name is Jordynn and I am 22 years old. My mother and father are both heroin addicts and I have lived with my grandparents ever since I was 5 years old. They loved me and gave me everything I ever wanted and needed. When I turned 15 the one thing that I wanted that they couldn’t give me was a boyfriend. My first boyfriend was Snook and he was 23. He gave me everything and more. He clothed me in the latest fashions and he even taught me how to drive his Escalade, oh how I loved him so much. We did everything together and he talked me into moving mini mansion. I was cool with it at first until I learned that there were 20 other girls living there. I soon found out that he ran a prostitution ring and he had recruited me. He made it very clear to me that I was to be loyal to him or else. The look in Snook’s eyes told me that he meant business. Now I am 7 years deep in the game and I have fallen off. Snook turned me onto coke and I have to find a way out or else two things will come from this. One, I will end up just like my parents or two, dead.
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    welcome to short stories
    this was very deep and like no way out but by death !!!!
    I look to see more of this and the next pt.

    wow deep!