A Life Saving Event


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Jul 20, 2003
A Life Saving Event
All Afrikans in the Diaspora are being sent the following information to make melanated people AWARE of our series of Survival Strategies Conference Dealing With:

ENERGETICS (Inner-jet-iks): n

1. Usage of the innate cosmic Life Force Energy Spectrum for enhancing and/or destroying Hue-man Life;

2. Usage of natural Energy fields for manipulating thought, behavior and weather patterns;

3. The study, comprehension and utilization of Natural, Spiritual and Artificial Vibrational Frequencies

ENERGETICS: Recognizing The Invisible Health Threat

How 'Radiation and Electromagnetic' Weapons are

Destroying our Lives!

“You cannot see it, hear it, or smell it, yet harmful extremely low frequencies (ELF), a form of radiation, is invading our homes and workplaces and causing allergic reactions, convulsions, fatigue,hypertension, migraines, dizziness, disorders of the central nervous system, emotional instability, reduction of sexual capability, and loss of memory, to name a few symptoms.” L. Lei

"This is the danger point. What will become of the Negro in another five hundred years if he does not organize now to develop and to protect himself? The answer is that he will be exterminated for the purpose of making room for the other races . . ."

The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey [P&O, I:66]

In a First of its kind event on November 10, 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia, Energetic war fare will be identified, discussed, counter acted and examined for community self defense usage! This all day Conference will feature many expert panelists of Vibrational/Energetic cause and effects upon the
Melanated body: why Energetics are being used; how to protect one's health, home and family against Energetic vibrations along with an open dialogue for strategies to harness and reverse the assault! This will be the First in a Series of Awareness/Training Energetics Events!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – You Want To Be A Part of This Revolutionary Life Saving Event!

Guest panelists include: Keidi Awadu, Professor Griff and Sistah Q

Saturday, November 10, 2007 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Motel 6 Banquet Room Exit 65, Interstate 20 @ Candler Road

(Behind Econolodge)

Cost: Adults - $20 Advance;

$25 Door

There is a $15 Early Bird special if purchased by

October 20.

Youth ages 18-16 $10;

15 and under FREE!

Group discounts available!

This is a call for Traditional Drummers – Discount

admission will be extended!

Limited vending space is available!

Child care may be provided at a nominal cost for entire day!

For more info contact:

*Dr. Elijah Grant @ 770-827-5815


*Jendayi Foluke, CHC @ 229-247-9184 KMTCalls@ SUR-BET.ORG

*Yaniba Ebibirman, CHC @ 904-638-2385


A Mesha Bak Sebek Community Health and Wellness Project!

Peace and Blessings,

Dr. Grant


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