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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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to my fellow scribes,

first i want to say thank you all for the love and support. your scribes are an inspiration and a model for true love and relationships. thank you for allowing me to see into your worlds....

i rarely explain my scribes for i believe the words speak for themselves, but this one is special to me. i wrote the most of it many moons ago and but it was not until recently that the meaning behind it has appeared. i send this one out to KAI for i love her very much and that will not change. i included the family in this for it is because of your support and embrace that has allowed me to open the doors of my heart to one as blessed as she....

8th, this is for you me dear...


The future for you and I is already written,
It goes against all that we have planned;
In our own worlds we chose another
settling for decisions formed by man;

Our hearts have deceived us for too long,
and now the time for change has appeared;
While we didn't realize our lives were not
ours we never knew our happiness was so near;

I searched high and low for the one in my
dreams, one that was too perfect even for me;
Only to realize that once I gave in to GOD,
HE would provide everything that I need;

I realized my hopes were mine, which is
wrong, (my own understanding got in the way),
So, I searched for the hopes already planned
for me, by falling to my knees to pray;

Then I took the time and I waited,
the answer to it all was so near;
so when I stopped searching for the answer
God reached into my heart and made it clear;

He showed that all I wanted was not HIM, and I
would suffer through it all until I learned;
That evanthough GOD may take everything you have,
Once you become obedient, all will be returned;

My queen,
I've waited for you all my life, thinking
you would appear in the midst of my success;
Well, little did I know that was a dream,
for advancement without CHRIST is GOD-less.

My sweet,
my heart beats to the sounds of your voice,
I want to reassure you that my love is true,
my life will be incomplete if you were not here
the part of me once missing can only be found in you;

My dream,
I desire to show you the road of euphoria paved by
GOD’s grace, shaded over with HIS blessings, leading
us in love, today, tomorrow and as long as the breath
of GOD continues to fills my lungs with his joy....


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