Black Poetry : A Legal Secretary or Paralegal? Which Gender?

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    I need an all in one
    which can also notarize
    so while i am out on the road
    i got in mind to stop by
    the streets from a positive side
    i know she is around somewhere
    oh yeah
    there she go
    i got a contract prepared
    with a timed offer
    she can start out
    as a legal secretary
    pursuing her education
    in that field to the fullest
    while i am on the road
    she takes care of the legality of my business
    and i ain't worried about trust
    cause i trust no-one
    that's why that contract is ironclad
    plus i got measures to keep herself going
    okay i need the local niche to know who is coming
    and who they are dealing with
    so i specialize clothing for her
    by having the roll of fabrics signature my business is to be taken serious
    especially when in travel
    she get a company car and limousine service
    i'm talking about luxury you know what i am saying
    she gets that after a certain requirement is met detailed within the scope of the entire contract
    even go forth to represent my business of a diplomatic action from mine to another country
    no need for public airline cause one day real soon she can fly private jet relaxed and focused
    and so for now
    those secretarial duties who be cool as water going down and into my cells
    paid per week
    and i build like that of my Empire
    in this Dynasty
    i am planning out forward
    taking cautious measures
    yeah she will be in solid silks and tribal cotton prints sophisticated irresistible and noteworthy to each and every eye
    doing business as usual
    forget an internship she can do on the job training by herself as long as those books are there with her brain intact
    she can bee all she can be into the next future
    per contract signed and notarized i will sponsor her
    my diplomatic paralegal secretary....

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    Business is serious and i rather contract someone vs employing an employee...until i get the Wholistic Wellness Center built and my own Bank which will print out my own currency too...though you need a backing system with currency and not an unbacked system unless you can sway the mind of the masses psychologically that the paper money is indeed it in order for the art of it to serve its purpose. You compare all the currency and just think which one would you enjoy spending the most and treasuring the most. See in one mindset one thinks of power associated with a currency note and another slavery and another monetary art and another investment depending on the cash note terms and etc. you see. Though which one would make you jump huh? Like if you knew that you are working for nothing so basically at your own will regardless if you given up your power to a human you deem top of your pyramid or yourself controlling the top figure no matter the position universally you go to sleep like a rat trying to figure out how to escape it all and be yourself yet how content and satisfied are you saying you are indeed free? Free to do what you want vs what you need? Business is serious and i rather contract someone vs employing an employee....all i am doing is writing my own story while doing it in the like that ant who you never knew was there and so i just use your smokescreens to keep on going cause they ain't looking...ain't we rite Harriet Tubman? And it's funny too cause they want us gone and so like whodini i shall like a blink of an telling you while everybody is focused on the obvious im gone in the opposite direction like see-ya and wouldn't want or need to be ya....cause you can't tell nobody nothing or tale anybody anything....they will never listen and so therefore they do not care so why should you? Don't get's like a riot i remember i didn't see coming head-on back in south korea 2001 after i had just left them gates near Seoul you feel me i just felt it and something told me to speed up walking where it was nobody going in the opposite direction and my dumbtail almost got snatched up behind me in a riot by police in full riot gear and plenty of paddywagons....i took a look over my left shoulder and there it was--their reality. I ran for my life as you could feel the magnetic energy of the riot pulling you more and more and i was in civilian clothes and i just ran as far as i could until i could see the tail-end of the riot like a mile away almost....and i remember standing there thinking if it was like this over here on some crazy stuff to include in the United States then i better wise up for real and just never take nothing nor moment for granted you feel me. I gotta family tree who probably do not even know the half of what is really going on out here on the real. They just one track minded and stuck on it purposely ignorantly or not-knowing wanting to know and so i just started to educate them more and more as i move forward. And all around the world it is the same song vs a different one so i just said to myself whenever i get that chance to do me to the fullest i'm going to take that opportunity and run through it forget walking and immah cautious while running through it too. So im here doing it to the fullest and you gotta just chip at it constantly until the gem is perfect to how you need it to be and hold it in the palm of hands and never let go....if somebody say they gon kill you for your mindset then you let em kill you cause in reality they couldn't destroy you...they missed everytime not knowing who you really were and that was actually no-thing(echoing) me i know for myself and not for you or you or anybody else. People say oh you was reborn again and i tell em nah cause if that was the case then i would have babies back to back as me and the her and not hers you see me clearly? So it ain't no reborn or rebirth here...none of that religious stuff just pure reality vs the unreal. If you never been in peace then you can only imagine it and so if you never seen war then you are blind to it daily and nightly ignorantly cause it is hell in a parable sense or metaphor or whatever figure of speech from an english language perspective you spin on it to make you satisfied with your own happiness. See the reason why i do not exist in any holy book is because i became my own character in my own book you see. I escaped the madness of a writer who interpreted their understanding from somebody else mindset impurely and definitely not wholly. any scripture and tell me where it says i am doing all of this word for word and where i am building my Dynasty at and Empire of...tell me. Does it mention my circular Music Temple in it with all the spectacular details in it? Did it say i would be able to reach out to hundreds of instrumentalists to do just instrumental music by the musical formations? Did it mention Edo and Cherokee and how i made my own trade route happen? Well who am i really? Well i am who i am and you can't fool me no sir or ma'am no way. Cause i am here for the facts and the truth and i hold em closer than close to heart and my mindset. You wanna prove the holy books are wrong then mind your own wanna prove the negative statistics and stereotypes wrong then mind your own wanna prove to yourself that you are better than your last times then mind your own business cause after all i got a diplomatic paralegal secretary to meet cause i wrote her into my life to conduct business with me and for me. I have other characters too who will turn real. See once i saw pictures of the pyramid walls by photo comparison and different totems i just interpreted my own divination and that female with the feather writing she stood out to me like oooooooh yeah i know now! You wanna be divine? Figure out your own gift and explore it as yourself every moment you can get and you feel this type of loving you never felt before...then you study your Ancestors you pick and go get taught lessons you will never forget. Be a transformer and put yourself and Ancestors together like i did and let's play on another level no one can figure out cause it is not for them to figure out and trust me they will crash and enjoy the timeless moments of temporary laughters and mockings though as you keep pulling away always turned on the rearview mirror becomes vacant as my nuts hang and my thang remain phallus cause i never fuhked around just like i wrote in order to see more dreams happen as visions true indeed i became more and more reality fading the rest. And it's fun walking my walk cause you know i get to cover my tracks just in case somebody try and follow me immah come around the corner as they least expect it and warn em to stop and follow your own path. Immah type of alpha wolf who knows the ins and outs all too well and my tail aint waggling either. Touche'