Black Poetry : A Legacy Classic: Def JAMMED (extended vrsn)

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    During one weekend of September 2001, 80+ poets and myself of Detroit participated in the Def Poetry Jam competition/showcase. No doubt it was one of the most stunning displays of spoken word talent that I have ever beheld, and competition was **** stiff. But something that bothered myself and several of my Black Ink associates is the fact many people were saying "Poetry is going mainstream yall." Mainstream? ****, how can the pure and ageless art of words be confined to such media hype. It can't be so this is my flip side to the mainstream flows.

    Got ****!
    I'm standing under these hot *** lights
    With these judges following my every move
    As I vary voice tones
    Kneel to the floor
    This is pure violence streaming through my body
    Shaken with the passion
    Ringing in echoes off the ceiling
    I am on display
    For these poets to see
    Just so I can be on the got-**** TV?
    Suddenly my mind returns
    As my breath dies and constricts in my chest
    Since when did conscious poets
    Let ourselves be pimped in this tight ***
    Black, Red, and Green mini dress
    On the shores of modern day Slave Land
    North Plantations of AmeriKKKa
    Through our ancient art of words
    Our arts of war
    Similes and metaphors
    Wasted in hip hop rhythms
    To scratch the surface of itching ears
    That just wants to hear this phat *** rhyme scheme
    The message never absorbed
    Rejected in the dance of melodic flows
    Contracted and distracted
    From the griot’s true purpose
    To shout these words with our last breathe
    Yet status brings us an early death
    You deaf from being slammed
    Full of that **** they done jammed
    In your ears
    And you ain’t even willing to hear the Truth
    Cause you been mainstreamed into the scheme
    Of the worldwide telexploitation dream
    Yall commercialists make me sick
    Cause you done debased the title of POET
    To Pimping Over Every Ho And Trick
    Cause you been tricked
    Like the next sucker for what you believe is a treat
    But you need to be on mode retreat
    Cause them visions of easy street
    Is just another tactic
    To catch you in the brackets of mainstream traffic
    You respond like a well-trained *****
    Ready to perform tricks
    And gladly lick
    The hand of the Master that commands
    You work that stage like a pro
    Until they can recruit the next ho who drops it like it’s hot
    Deceptively filling your spot
    Leaving you the broke down prostitute
    With a string of woes
    But on goes the minstrel show
    We are POETS
    Proponents of Evolutionary Truth
    Yet, do 95% of us know what we stand for?
    Giving up our souls for 15 minutes of fame
    Just so we can lay claim
    To meaningless titles of
    "That Poet Dope"
    But can your *** cope
    With the startling aftermath
    After the hoes, the clothes, and the cash
    That you have been pimped to your last
    The world will not even remember you
    See cause you shoulda stayed true
    To this flame God burned in your spirit
    To carry the truth of his lyrics
    You avoided his path and penned ********
    That groupie types love to lick
    Like dogs going back to swallow their own vomit
    What you thought was the Midas Touch to your words
    Was a loss of conscious in your entangled desires for verbs
    That you never should have coveted in the first place
    Thou shall not extol yourself above the God
    Who manifested these gifts in your soul
    To empower his people
    Yet you would rather be in control
    Instead of submitting to the will of the Great Muse
    These fruits you have mis-used and abused
    Now you have incurred the wrath
    Of the Universe
    Cursed to watch those of this Earth
    Die spiritually 'cause of your neglect
    To give poetry it's respect
    You betrayed yourself in these arts
    Instead of coming from the heart
    So how does it feel…?
    To know that when the real revolution goes down?
    Phat rides and a posh crib uptown
    Won’t put you down with this conscious matter
    Your fanta-lies have been shattered
    But you thought that you were the illest at slam
    But guess what you been def Jammed
    Deaf to the cries from within
    That warred against the sin
    You commit every time you step to the mic
    And inspite of your Knowledge you spit ********
    Missing the point of this whole thing
    That you gotta let Truth and Freedom ring
    That you gotta let Truth and Freedom ring
    That you gotta let Truth and Freedom ring
    From the very depth of your heart
    Release the Love through the supreme art
    Of giving the people the ability to see
    The positive manifestation of Destiny
    Edification over devastation
    Resurrection in the tides of insurrection
    Unify in the great divide
    Universal love between you and I
    But you would rather be the illest at slam
    But guess what baby you been def jammed
    Jammed with the applause that makes you deaf
    To the cries in the depth of your soul
    That demands you relinquish control
    To the God thou shalt not extol yourself above
    To the God thou shalt not extol yourself above
    I deliver this message in justice and love
    Do not deviate from the righteous path
    Cause you ain't ready for the aftermath
    Let these words and wisdom be your rod and staff
    The guiding light of your Pen and Pad
    Let the living rivers of your words flow
    Deeper than that cafe-club mojo
    Of the handclaps, finger snaps, and universal dap
    You are the conscious delegate to this Earth
    Poet prove your worth by weaving those phat rhyme schemes
    Into something more than bling bling dreams
    Illuminate this Life
    With the words you speak and write
    Do not give into to the night
    For you have been blessed with the gift of Light
    Now poet
    Reclaim yourself from the mainstream hypocrisy
    Flow and be free....
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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    well PREACH my sista!!!!
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    I'm chanting your name right now...feel the vibe...this is (should I say it again?) incredible, aurally edible. thank tou for the food.
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    Oh.. yes dis here bounce wit da reality twist
    say it say it say it !!!!
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    legacy sirrah sirrah, kay sirrah, this hype flow is battle worthy indeed ... keep da fyah burnin' lovely sis ... lol!