Black Poetry : a late bloomer

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    the near north
    A Late BloomeR

    There’s a rumor going ‘round
    ‘Bout this girl I use ta clown

    Back in the day

    Said she had cosmetic surgery
    Or, maybe, injections
    To make her appearance more appealing,

    You see

    Her body didn’t fill
    ‘Til her twenties had come
    Girl was having much fun

    At five-feet-eleven
    Her legs were just right
    And long haired
    A damned gorgeous sight

    Eyes sparkled with mischief.
    Gear…always tight
    Makeup seemed to luminesce;
    Her face glowed in moonlight

    Not the shy little minx, she had a coquettish gleam
    Dressed in her bestest slutty garb, with a whorish sheen

    Doing her thing

    Dumbed down her intellect
    So she could compete
    From scary nerd to stunning freak
    Her transition, complete

    Offering the notion of an ocean
    Running between the sculptured thighs
    Of one gifted with beauty
    Innocent charm
    And mysterious eyes

    There she was
    Looking all of sixteen
    Like a (high school) football homecoming queen
    Even at thirty-one
    She was a hot and flirty thing

    Her list of lovers had grown a mile long
    After giving up her books, she grew her game strong

    When love was introduced, she questioned its aim
    A disbelieving soul was at the end of every game

    But once persistence took root
    It didn’t take long
    For heart and soul to finally meet
    And a new game was on

    Have you seen her?

    That once-skinny, flat-chested girl
    Who wouldn’t know a hairstyle gift-wrapped in a swirl

    Have you seen her?

    The “nothing but legs,” sophisticated nerd
    Who wanted to frame my “hello” words
    Just because I spoke to her
    …Once upon a time

    Could you please ask her
    If she wanna be mine
    …that she can be mine
    If she wanna be

    Tell her for me.