Black People : A Land of Devils In The Flesh!!!

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    I've completed my research which is obviously for me, although a few here do know that which I'm about to say. I have four scenarios that I'm laying totally at the feet of white people in America in the appropriate position. I first said that America created the Katrina hurricane and gave up all the proof why...although at that time some may have thought that I was out of my mind, despite the fact that I displayed the info that said that they knew how to make a hurricane over 30 years ago and that a contract was signed among the nations not to use weather wars against each other. That was 1.

    I now am thoroughly convinced that the Haiti, Japan and Chile earthquakes were also cause by the same people. When we understand that the elite have already stated that there's too many people on the earth and that they have a known agenda to get rid of 1/3 of the earths population....(like I need to say who they deem as being too many) it has dawned upon me that there could have been no better way to do it than to do so by man made natural catastrophes. You'll notice that "man made" and "natural" don't go together and are a paradox in this situation.

    Why so?...because the average uniformed person doesn't know or isn't aware that white people in the elite with full military control actually have the capability to cause what in the uniformed mind is called "natural disasters" although there is nothing "natural" about them....they simply fulfill an agenda. Between the outright adulteration of food...the adulteration of water....the law making vitamins a prescription only product...the vaccines....and then HAARP on top of it, the wisest of us would also have to be the most justifiably paranoid amongst us also.

    I have heard four scholars make mention of what I'm about to say, although Dr. E. Franklin Frazier was the first I ever heard say it, with Dr. Chancellor Williams being the second. As Afrakan people we will always be here...of that there is no doubt. The question is not about them directly but about the branch that was broken away from them...US!!

    A look at America, the prisons, the overt killings and all else reveals that it is "The Afrakan in America or so called Afrakan Americans that are specifically being targeted and there's a good reason why. We are the most aggressive, radical, I don't give a dam, knowledgeable and richest branch of our peoples that there is. We are the world influence and the people that the world is watching and in many instances, modeling themselves after. Of all the groups, we are also the only group that KNOWS that white man in every possible way....and as such, we are the greatest threat to anything that they attempt to do or even think of doing. In other words, we KNOW THAT DEVIL.

    It is for this reason that it is "WE" who must be gotten rid of as we are the only ones who pose a direct threat to them or their plans. We know their system, their military, their laws, their economics, their weaknesses...and as such, it is we who are the direct target. The Sumerians, Babylonians and other groups who also broke off from our Afrakan ancestors are no longer here on the earth, so history does attest to the fact that there have been groups of us who are no longer here for whatever reason.

    This is to say that whatever we do...a whole lot more of us better become just as paranoid as some of the rest of us are. It is only one group of us being targeted and we better wake up and recognize it. Then to top it off, there's only certain segments of us that they want to get rid of because a lot of us "just want to get along" and a lot of us actually can not exist without them. Right now, if they were to offer us a passport along with 30,000 dollars to just get out the country, a lot of us wouldn't know where to go or what to do. This is only a small testament of "how locked up our minds are in this pit of hell and the devils running it". I feel just like that slave had to feel back in the day...."just let me out of here, I can make it on my own".

    Because right now, we exist in nothing short of a land of devils in the flesh!!! we're either going to burn with them or find our own salvation!