Black Poetry : a Jones for Gee-Que


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Mar 14, 2001
The PeAcH State
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Hey Boy!?
yyyyyyyeah… You!…
standing ryght there…
in the US Air Force gear :wink:
now… I don’t mean to
sound cliché…BUT!
imma have to ask you
this anyway…
is your nickname candy?
(as i’m licking my lips…)
cause You… are…
just so **** sweet
& I don’t know
if you know…
how urgent it is for me
to be allowed to taste
the depths… of your
BeautifulBlackMan deep
(you feelin’ me…)
I mean…
I want to fall into you
like… crystalline raindrops
drip into the sea
I want to receive you
like… fall welcomes winter
& gives breath to spring
(are you diggin’ this…)
I just want to be your…
& rather than deal
with the drama of asking
for your number… myght
I suggest we spend eternity
(it’s all on you now…)
so what’s it gonna be? :D

©SunShyneOrygynals 2001, all rights reserved

Verb. thank you for taking the tyme. as usual your
spectacular presence is most humbly appreciated!!

Shery. (LOL)... you are price-less!! don't eva doubt
it!! thanks for the read My Sis!!

N2. & who myght you be referring to??? glad you
liked the piece... i was just musin' again... as requested!


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