Black People : A House Divided Can Not Stand

Keita Kenyatta

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Feb 7, 2004
I know that we've heard that old saying about a house divided not being able to stand. Well, I think that the old saying is a good analogy of America. It is an established system based upon capitalism and white domination for the perpetuation of their people as a ruling class. That is the bottom line to it....and they do mean that "by any means necessary".

Ok, in having established that foundation, the next issue is "the system itself" and how it works. The system itself is a self perpetuating system that relies on the ignorance of the masses of people mis-educated under its rule to function. That is what keeps the system in power.

The system has safeguards and mechanisms in place to keep it on path and whenever one mechanism is threatened for whatever reason, another mechanism takes over to give it support or reinforcement. It may bend off course, take an alternate route or even restructure itself according to the force or energy it may require for the sake of its survival and of course, them as a people.

Because it is mistakenly taken to be a system for the people and by the people, the system allows concessions to be granted to the masses with one hand, while taking with the other. Why so? Because a house divided can not stand. It is for this exact reason that the system can not and will not destroy itself in the name of any humanity, justice, freedom or anything outside of its agenda...which of course is survival and rule.

I say all of this to say that "the system can not be changed from the inside" as many of us incorrectly think. This is why the system creates safeguards. It may create new laws, spit out a little money here and there and even give the illusion that it is trying to restructure itself, but that can not be and is just illusion.

This means that there are a lot of us who have bought into the illusion or the mistake of thinking that "we got to change the system" or that "the system can be changed". Lets see if there's any truth to the idea that it can be changed or that it has changed.

1. Slavery never ended and it is in the Constitution that it never ended...the part that says; "slavery is illegal "EXCEPT" in cases of incarceration. So what was the next move? "Criminalizing A Race" by Dr. Charshee McKintyre...which of course they have done.

2. The KKK ain't riding down on horses and killing and burning us like they used to. So what was the next move? Take off your hoods and put on a hat...a hat with a badge and do it one will question you. Very soon they will simply just "take the camera".

3. Our people had the highest unemployment rate coming up out of slavery....and for some reason that hasn't changed since 1865....but this is 2012 right?

4. In 1773 the first black church opened in South Carolina and had its ministers appointed by white America.....this is 2012 and white America is still controlling the black church and the literature they read.

5. They established the "Eugenics Program" back in the day to get rid of black people...this is 2012 and the earlier started program is in full swing in our communities with success.

Basically I'm trying to see what has changed since physical slavery has been over. Oh I remember. We can eat, sleep, ish, where they do. We got some homes and vehicles now. (only because they don't use horses anymore) We can dress better...oh, and some of us got jobs rubbin elbows with them and maybe even livin in their neighborhoods as a sign that "we done really made it".


Keita Kenyatta

Well-Known Member
Feb 7, 2004
I don't necessarily like Minister Farrakhan because I know that he knows and that he's playing his game. Luckily I still listen to him because I've never been so ignorant as to dismiss the message because I may not like the messenger. However, I do recall a statement by him that never left me. He stated that "Black people in America are the richest slaves on the planet". Day by day I've come to recognize those words as divine truth...and one which by all rights, should leave one in either tears or rebellion....sadly it has left most of us in silence. Truth can do that !!


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
couldn't agree more , and from this should tell us , show us how we are as a people

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