Science and Technology : A hospital introduced a robot to help nurses. They didn’t expect it to be so popular

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Nov 17, 2006

A hospital introduced a robot to help nurses. They didn’t expect it to be so popular
Moxi is a robot designed to make nurses’ lives easier. But the friendly bot is turning out to be a welcome presence for some patients, too

But Moxi, which was designed and built by the Austin-based company Diligent Robotics, isn’t trying to act like a nurse...


What's next? :facepalm: .............................................. :picture:


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Oct 1, 2017
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Yep, it may very well soon be just like Will Smith's I ROBOT not too far in the future.
"There is nothing new under the sun, what was once before, today is being done".

As if we don't have enough problems getting wheeled into surgery to have a kidney stone removed and getting wheeled to ICU missing a perfectly good liver. OOPS!!!!!

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