Black Poetry : A Heart to Heart

Harry Hyman

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Oct 31, 2003
North Carolina
A Heart to Heart

High above arched mountaintops
where slope the sunlit green treetops
and Sky's foundation, made of blue,
is Heaven's bottom floor.
A spiral staircase lead straight up
and smelled of fresh cake uncorrupt
and emptied to a chambered room
just past a chambered door.

A giant scale loomed silent there
suspending plates each side on air
and Osiris sat a jewelled throne
of gold and blue and red.
My time was up. It was too late
to change my Life, to change my Fate
when Anubis, large with jackal ears,
said "Here we judge the Dead."

"One side the scale is placed your heart
wherein wisdom rests from end to start.
Man fools himself and thinks to gain
but wisdom rests not in the brain.
Lightened is the heart that lifts Humanity
from evil, waste and a world's insanity.
Heavy is the heart that drags Man down
to selfishly gain some feeble ground."

"And no lie or alibi from them fails to dupe
the scale's prime measurer, the Feather of Truth.
For a lightened heart will not the Feather overtip
but one made heavy will the scale down dip
and the Devourer will come, croc jaws ice cold,
to eat hearts heavy made by deeds of heartless Souls.
But the lightened heart will pass to a cosmic clime
where Souls commune the universe 'til Resurrection time."

"Now your hour has come and you tremble with Fear.
They're bringing your heart. It's close. It's near.
You've had a lifetime of heartbeats, true and untrue,
now their worth against the Feather is the measure of you."

"Step forward !"



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