Black People : A Great Opportunity For ALL!

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    Dec 15, 2001
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    A new and neat opportunity. Today, I made $100.00 that went right into my account. How? By telling people on some email lists about the opportunity. What is included: work @ home ideas, thousands of companies that offer wholesale that you can sell on ebay and so on. You can advertise your personal website if you have one for next to nothing and you can advertise items you sell for nothing. There is a chat and message board on the site. For only a one time charge of $20 it is worth it. Okay now to the better reasons why signing up is a great thing. You make half of the sign up fee. So if someone signs up as a full member at $20 then you make $10 and if people sign up under them as a full member then you make $2 off them. This is not a MLM thing. You can use the info. for yourself, make some easy money, or advertise your business or products. If you have a website or send out a newsletter then advertising this can make you a fortune. As someone pays you are emailed and then shortly after you will see $10 in your account, Totally legit!!!
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