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    Since 1997, has existed to counter the claim, "there are no good Black men" and to counterbalance the negative choices made by individuals that are highlighted and presented as examples of African-American "pathologies" in mainstream media. The sole purpose of this "online magazine" is to acknowledge, honor and celebrate the positive efforts of African American males by presenting real-life examples of the contributions and sacrifices they made on behalf of their families, friends and communities. These accounts are published monthly in 5 sections or "gateways" designed to capture specific aspects of the African American community. By 2001, the website became the catalyst for the Legacy of Excellence Digital Diaries. Its gateways became the basis for the Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration and its award recipients.

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    For years, has provided a virtual alternative to help ensure that African-American males were widely portrayed in ways that reflected their humanity. However, in a city where the dropout, incarceration and homicide rates for young Black males are among the highest in the country, it was clear that more needed to be done Thus, the nonprofit foundation A Good Black Man, Inc. (AGBM, Inc.) was born.

    The mission of AGBM, Inc. is to develop an expansive collaboration of resources and information specific to uplifting, educating, and empowering African American males. It's goals include providing programs (the Legacy of Excellence Learning modules) and experiences that uplift, support, and buttress against negative peer pressure faced by African-American boys and young men; and to provide - through the sharing of experiences of those who have overcome and prospered -- a "road map" for success to young African-American men so that they are better equipped to take their places in society.

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    Its mission, "enhancing the life options for African American male youths" is the mantra that guides AGBM, Inc. board of directors. To achieve this end, the "Legacy of Excellence Learning Modules" were created to offer activities that are of interest to young people; concentrate on "learner-centered" education (as opposed to theoretical or didactic based); and bear practical application to and in the lives of young African-American men that will firmly set their feet on the road to personal and societal success. Additionally, program participants are directed to utilize as a resource to help close the "digital divide" in African-American communities; and that allow young people access to those whose life choices qualify them as "role models" in the African-American community.

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    Dr. John T. Chissell

    Each year, the culminating event for AGBM, Inc. (and is the Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration. This is an annual program (and major fundraiser) sponsored by AGBM, Inc. to publicly honor outstanding African American males for the positive contributions they've made to their families and communities.

    Specifically, this prestigious service award is bestowed upon 5 outstanding Black males from the community who possess exemplary qualities and characteristics based on the five principles set forth on the gateways of (Our Heroes, Our Future, Keeper of the Flame, Passing the Baton and Our Better Halves). In addition, A Good Black Man, Inc., created the Optimal Achiever Award to honor, celebrate and preserve the extraordinary life and legacy of one of this nation's most venerable health advocates, community activists, humanitarians and true Black hero, Dr. John T. Chissell.
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