Black Poetry : A Girl Flirt at the Club

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    A Girl Flirt at the Club

    Fine and hot but had a blind spot for men, in the back
    Of the club met a whack thug he wanted some for a fact
    Like a gangster his voice extreme had to make a choice between
    Good and bad he’s from the hood and mad my thing moist cream
    He plan on having a picnic lick then stick his ***** in my juicy coochee
    Getting school tonight he’s cool and polite other boys drool profusely
    When I walk they then talk about my beauty, he said I was a nice girl
    He wanted to put sugar and spice in my world while having sex hurl
    Blankets to the floor, proper and wise plus authorized to have sex by
    Being a lady I’m seeing crazy, my gravy itch and my coochee just fry
    Try stay loose and the DJ booth is star shaped thug want some bazaar cake
    Tonight, he’s tall with booming words like fall-blooming herbs grows great
    he act crazy and hype with powers want me some daisy like flowers
    I have a fine booty with an assigned duty a divine cutie that showers
    In love, being sucked in but then he kissed my lips and that wet my crack
    And set me back put on a great act amazing how coochee bait attract
    Really hate the fact that he want some, wanna damage my sandwich
    Got an advantage if I hold back my emotions I see oceans can’t manage
    These feelings because my panties are wet the world towers a girl’s
    Powers never bent my flower scent lure bees and pure MC’S head whirl
    So boys wanna licky my sticky stuff, try tricky tuff love tactics he’s at
    The bat like Mickey Mantle wanna git some after he hit a homerun on that
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    wow....round the base to the home plate after hittin a homerun on dat whewwww!

    where dis club at i need to drop in and do my thing so i can score.