Black Poetry : A Gift from GODS Heaven Above

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    For He is strong all over this land,for he created the sands at Hand.His Will of peace and serenity.For on this the 1st day he stepped back just to see.
    For he is strong, smart,Phase one of his start. then with his hand he created water & Land. for this His 2nd day, was so grand. He smiled rubbing his chin with his hands.
    For he is strong, smart, for his wonders are all his own thoughts.A Land He created, then then the cool ocean sprouts,of shimmering Lakes all about. he smiled as he created again,from his thought My 3rd day, said he as he walked about...
    For his thoughts grew more from deep n side,as he did raise his eyes,as twinkling stars,Heaven so true, from this the sun, Moon a universe Grew.for he smiled, see! He amazed himself to. Day 4th of his many things to do.
    For the lands, oceans, skys, universe, all grew, of this vegetation of tree to. Plants, climate, warm just right of a new.. Hummmmmmm he thought from his Heart again he created birds, all sorts of them, of this some did swim,four legged doe,s he did give life, every day he added a different type. Happy Satisfied he look to the skies, A smile to his face Day 5.
    He Pondered His mind, No he was not Lost, there was a different kind of life in his thoughts, to create a image of him, full of joy of pure of Heart, Love for ever more.
    He started to formulate deep n his Mind, A Beauty that will last through out time, of skin of dark, but not so deep, A Beauty that his creation can keep. Of eyes so full of delight, yet you hold Insight. A Body of true Heavens Bliss, He Called her Woman! now how he think of this, HUmmmmmmmmmmm day 6..
    So on this day the 7th it was My BLack Queen he said I Create you with all my LOVE, He sat Back as she was Formed, from all with in him LOVE was Born.
    He sat Back, Nodded his Head, When she awaken My Black Queen he said! On this day I give unto you A Black King to keep the true Love flowing through....
    OH Yes she was Meant to be LOVED A Black Queen, Given to us was the Greatest Gift Of GODS Prue Devine Love......Precious Is she, like the Stars ABOVE............... MWLover
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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    wooooweeeeeeee!!!! I like this one here!!!!
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    You got me!

    You had me from the git...this was an eloquent flow that reached out and grabbed you in that sacred place the perfect view of the "First Love!"

    Blessings On Ya House!