Black Entertainment : A Fresh Pair of Images from Sundance-Bound Barack & Michelle in 'Before Sunset'-Style Romance, 'Sout


Aug 28, 2015
A Fresh Pair of Images from Sundance-Bound Barack & Michelle in 'Before Sunset'-Style Romance, 'Southside With You'

Here are new official images from "Southside With You," the project that is being sold as a "Before Sunset"-style film (in short... man, woman, lots of mostly profound conversation over a specified period of time), which takes place entirely in one day, set during the summer of 1989, when one Barack Obama (then a first-year Harvard Law student) took his future wife, Michelle Robinson (an associate at a Chicago law firm), out on a first date, which included a tour of Chicago’s South Side.

The future couple also caught a screening of Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing" - something the president has talked about previously. I assume that moment in time will be incorporated into the script.

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