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    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    Beloved here again is one of the Myraids of problems that plauge the so call Afrikan American, which is when a body of Reasonable, Rational, and Logical Facts has been presented in a case to you on any given subject and those in opposition to those Facts, present you a one line sentence that is in opposition, not to the Facts, but against the one presenting the facts, such an approach serve as evidence that the one presenting the one liner is really attacking you the reader intelligence, showing no respect for your ability to Reason for yourselves on any given topic being discussed or addressed on these Yahoogroups.

    Foe instance, take the Word " ****** " and I use that word as an example because I know what the Afrikan American intellegencia is attempting to do to you with it and as I have already said, they are attempting as usual to protect their Racist Masters by conditioning you to believe that you can defeat the Word ****** by pretending it does no longer has value in and to your Life, when in fact it will remain alive as long as the creators of the Word ******, and they did give it its Meaning, and keeps it alive against Black People, are allowed to do so..

    Have you not wondered why it is that the so call Intellegent Afrikan American has not confronted that White Racist System, the System that implimented the word ****** and its Meaning against the Lives of Black People, ordering them to cease and desist with the word ****** and to go and dig a hole in their Mind and hold a mock funeral as if to have burird the word ****** from their White Racist conscious ?

    The Word ****** will be no more, not until Racism is buried and no longer is alive and well to harrass Black People, because ****** is aRacist Word and to imply to Black People that we need to bury the ****** Word, is to imply that Black People created the Word ****** and its Racist Meaning, here is another example of how the Lying and Deceiving so call Black Leaders are having the Victim to believe that we are the people that victimized ourselves.

    I sit and I observe how the so call Afrikan American so call leadership is being used to serve as a distraction in defense of a Racist America System of Unjustified Prejudice against Black People, the Afrikan American Leadership now having you to be afraid to use the term ******, having you to fear that it will Harm you and there is no better way to defeat Fear than to meet it face to face and do not blink and that is the way the Word ****** had been defeated in the Mind of the True Black People in America Racist System, they took the word ****** and reformed it to be used as a two edge sword by redefining the Word ****** in their Mind to the point that it mean something entirely different from its original Meaning and by the use of the word ****** it place Black Folks in a position to condemn and remind the America White Racist System of Behavior toward Black People, that they will not be allowed to hide behind us Black People, regarding that word, ******.

    I shared with you that having you to be exposed to the Divine Truth is more important to me than me winning your Favor by sharing with you Lies and being Deceptive with you, Beloved.

    So what Happen is that the so call Afrikan American Leaders were summon by their White Masters to go out and have Black People to believe that we are the people that give life to the word ****** when in fact we Black Folks have long defeated the word ****** and now use the word ****** to constantly remind White Folks of their Racist act that was and still is being perpetrated against Black People, such Racist acts serving as a sign that the Behavior of the word ****** is alive and well in the Mind of America White Power, against the Lives of Black People.

    No, No, beloved, I will not be dictated to by a Foolish Lying Deceiving Afrikan American Leadership, Claiming to be My Leaders, being Afrikan America White Folks Surrogates, attempting to teach me to fear something that has no Life unless it is given Life by its creator and Black People are not the creators of the word ******, so why mislead us into believing that we have the power to Kill that word ******, because even if we did not use our Term ******, which is different from the word ****** white Power created, the Evil that flow from the Racist term ****** Live on, why, because the so call Afrikan Leadership has no inclination to confront the creator of the word ****** in a Demanding way as they have confronted Black People and Demand from their White Master to cease and desist from not just the use of the Word ******, but from the Implementation of its Meaning, as been so defined by the White Power of America and the damage it has done, observe the Spirit of black folks in America..

    Here is a Racist America that will not convene a Honorable Discussion on Race and the Attribute that come from Racism and it happen to be the Afrikan American Leaders that do not entertain the thought for Blacks in America to convene our on Discussion on Race in America, having the Cross - Section of all Black Minds sitting at the Table with Black America Present and participation in discussing Race in America.

    You know why Race will not be discussed in America having the victims of Racism in attendant and participating in such a Discussion, well it is because America and the so call Afrikan American Leadership happen to be Liars and Deceivers of the Divine Truth and if Race is ever Honestly discussed in America the issue of Reparation will rise to become the Star in such a Discussion, which could not be denied in all earnest by those in attendant and in participation in the Discussion of Race in America.

    As I have shared with you, let an intelligent person get into a discussion with a Fool and you will not be able to distinquish between the two, and It Is The Fool Opinion That Only Has Value to Another Fool.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved

    So the Word ****** and its Meaning, is that of a Fool, and it takes on its value only to Another fool, so why react to a Foolish Word such as ****** as so defined by the White Power of America.

    As The Honorable Marcus Said, " Fear Is Only Meant To Be for Children ".

    So Black folks when are we going to grow up, because the reaction we are showing to White Folks Word ******, Is Fear.

    Can you Understand That, Beloved.

    So I ask of you Beloved, does the cease and desist of the use of the Word ****** put us any closer to receiving Justice in America, because the only Verifier that Justice has Truly Arrived To Black People is not when we stop using the Word ****** but when America Acknowledge its Debt to our Enslaved Ancestors and be willing to Attone for the Evil Done To our Enslaved Ancestors, Thus to our Enslaved Ancestors Children, by paying the Reparation owed to our Enslaved Ancestors and do acknowledge the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors having a Divine Right to Choose to Remain in America or to Return to our Enslaves Ancestors Home Land, Afrika.

    Now that has more of a significant Meaning than the Word ******, which has Meaning when this Racist system give it Meaning and not when we pretend that it has no meaning to Black People, because as long as we remain a Victim of America Racism, the Word ****** is alive and Well against Black People in America.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    So No, not until the so call Afrikan American Leadership can show as much passion toward Reparation than they show toward the Word of White Folk ******, there is not one thing they can tell me.

    You know I have notice other Things about the Afrikan American, everything that we do not have the intelligence to know of, and Understand, we end up giving excuse why that something can not happen that will benefit the Black world.

    Yes, In my Divine mind, Reparation Is The Litmus Test The So Call Afrikan American Leadership and the so claimed Afrikan Intelligencia must Embrace in order for Me To Show Some Respect To That Which They Tell Us To do.

    Another Thing About The So Call Afrikan American Leadership claiming to be so intelligent and the thing that reveal their state of Mind to be that of a Foolish Person is when you Look At and Hear Black Folks claiming to be so Wise and Intelligent and in the same breath Testify to be a Christian and a Believer in Jesus and He Is The Lord ( LAW ) of Their Life and is The Son Of God, Such A Testimony Coming From One Claiming To Be My Leader and to be Wise and Intelligent, present to Reveal the Biggest fool Of all, in The Confession To Be Wise and Highly Intelligent, which show to me, either they are Foolish in their claim, or the most Lying and Deceiver Amongst Us Black People, and you tell me, I am to take what they want me to do about the Word ****** as their gospel truth ?

    Can you Understand That, Beloved ?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    Peace and Blessings!


    I am over her clapping and snapping!!!!!!!!!!!.....LOLOLOLOL

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