Black People : A Fool Can Show A Happy Face But Joy Comes From Freedom Of Mind

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
A Fool Can Show A Happy Face But Joy Come From Freedom Of Mind

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Say what you will or may, Black Afrikan people are Happy people with no desire to be joyful while living life today, especially in America where the disease of happiness is spread to all Black Afrikans who look at the Black Afrikan Americans as Trend-setters as to how to project the Black Self spirit, not knowing that the Black Afrikan Americans are no good example to follow in term of how to behave as we live today with a happy face in the mental state of a well-verified state of depressed oppression accepted to be the normal state of mind of a living condition Black Afrikans are entitled to be living in today and we accept without question.

All geared-up we Black Afrikans are and is ready to showcase our happy face at the coming of another year, which Black Afrikans, have not done a **** thing to put Black Afrikans and Afrika any closer to our original state of living condition, Freedom.

Yet, we are happy about such nonachievement concerning the living condition of Black Afrikan people and Afrika condition, and only a fool shows a happy face in view of such oppressed condition and it is living in a state of oppression when Freedom is not the companion to your living condition, beloved.

So Yes, Hell Yes, a Fool shows a happy face in spite of our oppressed living condition, it is that caliber of mind that keep that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being in power over our Black no thinking behind and to be free demand that you Think, Black Woman and Man!!!

How in the hell do you believe how Black Afrikans got in the living condition we are in today, **** show ain't by Thinking, and Joy is no part of a believing happy mind.

So, we Black Afrikans are in the state of living condition that we are in today, because, we are the most Damnness most happy people in the world today who knows nothing about being joyful, and as you young people say today, do not get it twisted, Happiness is not about joyfulness, one state of mind reveals a illness that comes from not thinking and the other display a freedom of expression of mind that Think for a living, beloved.

A foolish happy mind shows an expression of unthoughtful behavior living only by what can be looked at, it is a superficial way of living because you never see what you need to know about and it is looking that is coming from such an unthoughtful mind, seriousness is no mental attribute of a foolish mind, the mind always happy regardless of the living condition that remains in a caste of oppressive state of unthoughtful happiness, the character of the Black Afrikan Americans today, spreading such a debilitating disease to the Black Afrikan world today, we who live constantly in a uncomfortable threatening environment that is always out to lie and deceive Black Afrikan people about God, Universe, Time, space, Life, and the Black self !!!

Another Year, another day, here we Black Afrikans living as if in a state of restricted nonmoving animation showing a happy face that keeps you from Thinking seriously about our right to be Free to be full of Joy as we live, happiness may give to you deceiving momentarily sensation of deceiving comfort, but Joy has you with a constant state of thoughtful pleasure coming from a Divine Mind that have you thinking in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Divine Truth and Reality of your seeing innerstanding thoughtful right to be joyfully Free.

Like with all things comes with a circumstantial price to pay, yes, even happiness and not to think have you happy in your state of oppression, blind and can not see is happiness price to pay, but Joy comes with thoughtful freedom and such a state of mind tolerate not to be confined, Freedom beget Joy, which is the price it pays to be in its Domain, Black Woman and Man.

So, my question to the Black Afrikans in America not by choice, do we settle back in a state of readiness to take another journey around the Sun as a Fool or do we prepare to become thoughtful enough of our Enslaved Ancestors until we put on our Thinking Mind and meet the challenge that tells Black Afrikans that there will be no honoring of the Debt America and her Surrogates owe to our Enslaved Ancestors, the Debt of Black Afrikans and Afrika Freedom, that is what our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation represent, Freedom of Mind to be to the Black Afrikan Divine Race Of People Naturally Designed to be Free and Joyful while living in the physical, beloved.

The Honorable Garvey Instructed, "Up, You Mighty Race, Accomplish What You Will"!!!

The Divine Mind Wills Freedom Of Mind, Black Woman And Man!!!

Reparation/Repatriation will bring Freedom of Mind to the Divine Black Race again, beloved.

Do We Remain A Fool Or Do We Seek Joy To Greet Us In The Morning With Our Freedom, Beloved !!!

Divine Respect

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