Black Poetry : A Few Questions II (The Question get answered)

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    A Few Questions II
    The Questions get answered…

    I feel all the electricity that you provide but I tend to hold back because of my enormous pride...the attraction, desire and wants is it real….how am I to decide?

    I have the same hunger pains, of craving you and only you, all alone with my fantasies running wild...Sharing the passion for each other like there’s no other.

    My tunnel of love pours with that mysterious potion, which only comes from your sensual, sexual, and intense motion...looking in your eyes I can tell that you want me and want to give me everything you got... and just the thought of that gets me incredibly hot.

    I feel the passion in the struggle of our tongues...slowly releasing long sensual moans from my lungs... With every soft lip embrace I can feel the ongoing growth in your special place.

    I am so tranquil at this point and recognize that everything is alright... Because baby I know that this is real love and this is something I could look forward to each& every night.

    I can see the moistness from your talented tongue running down the nape of my neck across my spot.... and you know that move will entice me to climb on top... riding, sliding, and gliding... up and down your manhood....and it feels so **** good.

    I feel the freedom of my beauty and become conscious that you have completed your duty of exposing my naturalness which ended up in total bliss... Now we can enjoy a very intimate kiss.... now this...this is what I call absolute bliss.

    I visualize you tenderly massaging my breast, and ya tongue licking and sucking the rest... while it slowly and erotically ends up in my exotic rainforest... and i am anxious to hold my screams of pleasure.

    You have reached my creamy spot and its o so hot.... i can’t control my bodies reactions.... o god is this really happening... my legs are paralyzed even my thighs... it feels like I’m dreaming but i have already opened my eyes.... **** daddy it is true about all the freaky things you say that you do.

    I see you coming up for air once I have released my love juice... now I can let go of the noose that I have created with my thighs ...holding your head in my zone... and now I am ready for you to provide me with that final moan. I am ready to become one…let’s ENTER the PLEASUR ZONE.

    I’ve closed my eyes and I feel the pressure in my belly of your slow but steady strokes... making me understand that now I can answer all your questions seriously ... and that they are far from being jokes.

    It wouldn’t bother me at all if u removed your utensil and decided to jump in face first... besides what’s a meal if you don’t play with it a little first.... at this point i realize that you are the man and I can go round after round... I’m aiming for a TOTAL KNOCK OUT!!!!

    As you enter me with your might, I’ve decided its best that I not put up a fight.... and create new ways for you to please me front, back, side, ride, upside down, hey I might just be able to knock you out this round.

    It doesn’t matter since we’ve done them all… hell a few up against the wall... will we ever get enough of each other... I plan to be with you FOREVER.

    Now that we are comforting one another other after the main event.....We can relax and realize all the rules have been bent.

    I sleep walk about the talk we had about how many people would be mad if they found out about our secret rendezvous’.... What is a woman to do?

    . This is a love story bound to be published.... we have something beyond anyone’s understanding.... that’s why I’m demanding.... that this is my final landing.

    I am positive that out future is bright... so I answered each question with all my might...So I hope you have a peaceful night... and know that this maybe the only key to open up my heart.

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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    this was nicely posed...
    really like part two....
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    wow very smooth flowin nice work
    keep the ink dripping