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    Once upon a time, there was a village where all the people loved candy. They could only buy one kind of candy, because the only place to get candy was from Old Man Gotchufool in the big town up the road. For years, they would walk to the big town and get only that one kind of candy. Now they liked that candy, and they were satisfied because that was all they knew.

    One day, Emmawatchu, came out of her hut, spread out a kente cloth on a stump and set out new kinds of candy. When a couple of villagers passed by on their way from work, curiosity made them stop and buy a piece of her candy. As each one tried the new candy, they would exclaim "I LOVE this candy! I didn't know candy could taste like this!"

    Word quickly spread throughout the village about the new candy. Every day, Emmawatchu set out her candy, all different kinds. One kind of candy made the villagers' hearts throb. Another kind made their brains work faster and better. And one kind even set their loins on fire.

    Emmawatchu made special candy for the children that made them smarter. She took her candy to the school. Some children had no cowrie shells to buy the candy, but Emmawatchu was a big-hearted woman, and gave them the candy so that they could be smarter, too.

    Pretty soon, most of the villagers were buying Emmawatchu's candy. Only a couple of them continued to make the long trek to town to buy candy. One said that she just couldn't believe that a mere villager could make candy as good as Gotchufool's candy. The other said that she just preferred going to Gotchufool's store because it was big and it made her feel important. But no one else was making the long trek to the big town to buy candy. The villagers had more time at the end of a hard day to rest and enjoy their candy. They even began gathering in groups to talk about how much they like the new candy and how it made them feel. Emmawatchu had to work very hard, but she was happy. The villagers were happy.

    It wasn't long before old Gotchufool noticed that the villagers no longer came to buy his candy. The two who still came told him about Emmacatchu's candy. He sent a spy to buy one of every kind of Emmawatchu's candy. He studied and stirred until he made candy that was almost like Emmawatchu's--but not quite. Then he sent a whisperer to the village to tell the people that he had the same candy that Emmawatchu had--only cheaper. Now the villagers were hard-working people, but they were not wealthy. They had to watch their cowrie shells.

    First one, then another of the villagers made the long trek to Gotchufool's store to buy candy. They reveled in saving a few cowrie shells. Once again, word spread throughout the village. Soon all of the villagers were walking the long way to buy Gotchufool's candy. They noticed that Gotchufool's candy didn't taste exactly like Emmawatchu's, but it was close enough since they were saving cowries. No one bought Emmawatchu's candy. One day, Emmawatchu packed up and left the village.

    Not long thereafter, when the villagers came to his store, they found that Gotchufool had raised the price of the new candy that they liked--and of the old candy. They grumbled and complained, but since they had walked a long way, and since Emmawachu had left their village and they had no choice, they forked over more cowrie shells.

    Then one day, when they came there were only one kind of candy--the same kind they used to buy. When they complained, Gotchufool said he would make some of the other candy soon. But he didn’t. When the villagers complained louder, Gotchufool said they could order the order the other candy and he would get it after a while—maybe in about three weeks.

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    Author of four novels, the current hit Everything In Its Place, the romantic thriller Dangerous Dilemmas, the best-selling Price of Passion and the classic Three Perfect Men, Evelyn's writing is described as
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