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    I have a great question and a lot of them, but I am starting with the first and most important one, What constitute and define a "Diverse Neighborhood"?
    Is it because a community have a quota of minority living there it make it a diverse community?
    I do not like the place I am at because these white folks just rubs me the wrong way.
    I do not hate them, I just don't like their ways and actions.
    Even the black folks here are influence by them; I am not impress by them and wish it was all black because people do not speak here they just look or ignore you and that's getting old.

    That's borderline of disrespect to me.
    I got a few white friends, but I never had to change or kiss their *** to get along with them either.
    We had common respect and grounds, these mf's got life twisted thinking because you black you a heathen, unintelligent, or unapproachable.
    As many mixed and interracial family I have seen in this town, they still hate minorities.
    They thought by moving out it resolve the issue,but little do they know it is going to be more minorities living in that area or town then what they going to do?

    Me, personally do not care what they do,but don't put on a front though acting you like this a racist here, but everywhere else you love minorities and sing kum by ya with them like you understand them or know them when you have not walk a day in my shoe or experience my pain and struggles.