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Feb 13, 2006
Islam Moors!


The government sees the Negro (Colored, Blacks, Afro Americans, African Americans) as being stateless This means the Negro has no citizenship in America, which is where he or she was born. A Negro has no country of his own. The Negro's citizenship in the countries of Africa have been stripped from him. The Negro does not truly have an American Nationality. The Negro is a child born without being a citizen of any country. Africa does not renounce the Negro, but the Negro can not truly be recognize by Africa, because the right of blood relationship to Africa has been stripped away from the Negro. So the Negro can not say what his Nationality is, and even though the Negro is born in America, America does not see the Negro as an American citizen. In America the Negro is a person who is not a citizen of any country and his rights in America are lower than that of an illegal alien. A Negro's legal position is much worse than that of an illegal alien, because a Negro has no government to which a Negro can appeal for protection. Negros are a displaced (do not have the right of blood relationship to any country) and stateless (do not have citizenship in any country) people. In this country the Negro has little or no civic and political rights.

The 14th Amendment's sole purpose was to make the former slaves citizens and give them full civic rights. As all blacks had been made free and were not in many states admitted to state citizenship, the only way to establish their right of citizenship in the U.S. was to amend the Constitution. In section 2 of this Amendment it states: The basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens twenty one years of age in such state (3/5 of representation). So blacks had been made 3/5 of a citizen under the terms of the 14th Amendment, and the 15th Amendment did not specifically say that all blacks must be allowed to vote. States are free to set qualifications for blacks, but the Amendment says that the states can not deny the ballot because of race, but that all ends in 2007. So in the Constitution blacks are only 3/5 of a human being, which is subhuman, a 20th century slave, civil servants, second class citizens.

As a Moorish American you have dual citizenship. Moorish American's place of birth is in America (Jus Soli), but our forefathers citizenship was Moroccan (Jus Sanguinis). As a member of the Moorish Science Temple of America which is Incorporated within this government of the United States of America you have your nationalization as Moorish American. By naturalization through the Moorish Science Temple of America you are Moroccan American. As a Moorish American there is no need for the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. As a Moorish American you are not a Negro, you are not 3/5 of a human. Learn the truth about your nationality and birth-rights, because you are not a Negro. You must claim a free national name to be an American citizen. All Moors of America need to take out their Nationality and Identification card from the Moorish Science Temple of America so they can link themselves with the families of Nations. You must proclaim your Nationality.


Bro. Milton Moore-Bey
Heru Em Akhet-Bey

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Feb 7, 2004
You are speaking of sovereignty and of laws that our people are unaware of. You are speaking of "common law, international law, Royal law and of a history that our people are equally unaware of but which governs and still governs our existence here.

We believe in the laws of this country but you and I know that there is only one law...THE CONSTITUTION...all the ammendments to it mean nothing, for ammendments can be repealed and changed, but the constitution as written remains the "actual law" that governs this land. Our people think they are citizens but we know differently. Our people think "it's legal to pay taxes, but we know differently." Our people are unaware that "according to international law, no people or decendants of a people at war with another nation or people can be citizens...and that according to International law, white people and black people are legally in a state of war, whether declared or undeclared..and that this war began when Europeans encroached upon Africa. What I have said is in the law books as you are aware.

In essence, you got a lot of educating to do before our people will understand what you're actually saying. Sure, it was "our people who gave the United States permission to become the United States, but we don't know that. Our people do not know of the treaty or that it was broken. Our people have much to wake up are you down with helping to wake them?


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Feb 13, 2006
Hell yeah Im down with helping our people to wake up, for I feel it is my vocation to restore my people back to their traditional greatness. Get back at me and lets see what we can do to raise our people from the darkness and death of ignorance to the light and life of Absolute truth. Hope to hear from you soon. Peace & Love!
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