Black People : A Disorganized Black Afrikan People

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
A Disorganized People Exposed To pandemic Systemic Racist Oppression Make Themselves To Be Exposed To All Of The Racist Evil Such A Mind Is Exposed Too, And Black Afrikans Are A Disorganized People!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Divine Truth And Reality Is Like Castor Oil, Like My Mother Use To Inform me, It Is Good For What Is Ailing You, My Son, And Black Afrikans Ailment Is Disorganization!!!

So, Study This I Share With You.

We Black Afrikan people act as if we are stuck in a vortex suspended in paralyzed animation having not the will with intelligence to become Divinely Black Afrikans again, we once been with a Universal nature of Divine awareness and now because we no longer function with our Divine Mental intelligence we been made to believe that the Divine Truth and Reality about the nature of our Blackness is ethereal fantasy, a mental condition of a mind that has lost all Divine knowledge about What the Greater Good-God Is that have Black Afrikans not knowing who we are in this present stage of Living condition as we believe our present living condition is the norm for Black Afrikan people which is why there is no action of motivation coming from Black Afrikans with a desire to become a Divine organized Black Divine Cosmic Universal Being again!!!

Hell yes, Afrika is being invaded again by the racist colonizers and is about to become militarized by the western United States World of racist conquers, they who have always had their eyes on taking control of the Continent of Afrika, land inhabited by natural Black Universal Beings with a Divine Mentality originally before the coming of the white devilish satanic Luciferian Human Beings.

We Black Afrikans sit around in this white control world acting as if we Black Afrikan people have all of the Time in the Universe to make our self-correction, as a matter of fact, we desire not to be self-corrected from the educated way that white racist has conditioned Black Afrikand to believe about our Black Afrikan self and about Afrika and God.

In America, Breonna Taylor is no isolated incident, you negroes act as if there is no solution to the causing of such acts by the police, that which happened to Breonna, hell, America has a history of Breonna happenings, and your Black behind acts as if the only way to solve problems such as that of Breonna was confronted with is to sit around talking about and discussing the killing of Breonna, doing so with that white racist who is the actor of such killing event that pertains to Breonna, never do Black Afrikans in America think about the fact of our being disorganized in America we Black Afrikans are just as much of being guilty of killing Breonna and all of the killing of Black Afrikans in America by the police than the police officer who did the killing of Breonna is, it makes no difference whether Breonna killing was an accident or not, she is Dead because of our presence in an environment noted for killing wantingly, Black Afrikan people.

Now this Divine Truth I am sharing means nothing to the ****** Negro Afrikan Americans disorganized mentality, we will just continue to believe that is the way it is meant to be for Black Afrikans Religious believers, and one day soon Jesus is gonna come and remove us Black Afrikans to Heaven where he resides, such is what a Disorganized Mind have Black Afrikans believing as we carry the Demon of the belief that is causing Black Afrikans to behave insanely with the abandonment of the use of Common **** Sense which prevents Black Afrikans from being able to see to know the power of organized unity!!!

Afrika is under attack, therefore the Black Afrikans everywhere is under attack and it is the Diaspora Black Afrikans who Time has appointed to become the Guardian of the Gate of Afrika and your Black believing mind is incapable of seeing the wisdom and power of Time, which serve as an attribute of the Greater Good-God the Divine Essence of us all and it takes an Ethreal energetic Mentality to be qualified to See beyond Looking which is how you get to know what is Divinely Real and True.

Without an organized Diaspora Black Afrikan Movement whose obligation is to be to serve as an example to the Kith and Kin in Afrika and to become organized as well for the sake of resurrecting the Black Afrikan Nation again so to let the world know that there will not be tolerated again the colonizing of Afrika Afrikan people.

You **** right I now live with a tunnel vision seeing to know the meaning, and power of Reparation/Repatriation is to be to the Black Afrikan Nation and Afrika, and hell yes, there is no greater issue of importance to Black Afrikan disorganized people than the need for Freedom to be experienced by Black Afrikan people to be in Afrika, your Black *** today Look through a glass of Time that is Blinding Light, criticizing the sacredness of Darkness, the Eternal Infinite Womb Of Godly Infinite Intelligence and here your Black behind is carrying the Code of Divine Everlasting Divine Powerful Knowledge, your Black pigmented identity that is representative of your relationship to the Greater Good, God the Divine Essence of us all and you now allow your Black self to become self criticle of your Natural Divinity which represent Infinity, that being the Ethreal character of God Eternal Intelligence, it being the Energy Darkness which you have allowed that white racist educate you bintoelieving that to be Black is an illusional insanity and to be white is to be eternal Jesus like, living with a disorganized Mind that have Black Afrikans stuch in a vortex of Lies and Deception!!!

Freedom is the Canopy under which Freedom be to the Eternal Presence of Darkness, Space, Time, Continued Divine Truth Reality, Ethereal in its everlasting Existence, Orderly Organized is its Divinity, yet Black Afrikan people carry the code of Eternity living a Disorganized way of Living Life.

To be Organized in your Blackness is Freedom Godliness, beloved.

You desire to save Afrika from the evil in action to take control of our Mother Land, then organize your Black Afrikan Mind to Think which will have you to know the power that is common to organized Unity.

Divine Respect
A Disorganize Black Afrikan People
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