Black Money Business Jobs : A different strategy?

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    I didn't know quite where to put this thread--politics, open forum, money...but I decided here.

    Bro. Chuck is always starting threads and asking us the question, what strategies do we have and ideas can we bring to the table, to combat oppression and racism?

    I try to make a point to add my .02 cents to those discussions because I believe the question begs a response. Different ideas have been offered and here is another one. But again, for it to be effective, it would require collective action. But, here it is anyway.

    With all the back and forth we've been having here over the 2016 presidential campaign and the precarious situation that AAs find themselves in more than ever over this election, and the thread about capitalism not good for Black people, my thoughts came back to the question about what can AAs do, not simply to overcome it, but to genuinely end oppression, destroy the institution of racism and more effectively deal with racists as we continue to live in America.

    I don't know why, but I started thinking of a different perspective than I usually do, which is all about the economics. I started reading articles about ways to identify and conquer enemies and the strategy employed to achieve that and what I found were articles about different business models and approaches to avoid hostile corporate takeovers.

    Well, I know Black people aren't a corporation, but we have been a vital resource for this country to thrive financially, politically and socially for a very long time. So, how can we gain or regain our power and flip the script? Maybe if we function like a Fortune 500 corporation, we can change the dynamic. Who is our enemy? America is the corporation and there's been a hostile takeover. A system has been built to sustain a never ending labor force that will constantly feed its greed for power and money. They accomplish this using well thought out tactics to oppress people and convince them into believing that this is the natural order of things by crafting social systems designed to manipulate and brainwash them for generations and suddenly the lies become the truth.

    How to Identify and Conquer Your Enemies

    Even if your enemies feel overwhelming, you can uncover creative solutions to overcome them.


    "On your path, you will inevitably encounter enemy forces. Sometimes, however, the real enemy is not who you think and not so easy to identify. It's easy to blame others, play the victim card, and throw our hands up in helpless despair. While tempting, it doesn't get you off the hook for taking personal responsibility for the outcomes you seek. The biggest enemies we face may not be others, but internal enemies such as fear, impatience, greed, laziness, and distraction."

    "Don't let your enemies lurk in the dark. Instead, bring them into the bright sunlight by identifying, examining, and exposing them. Use these negative forces to get fired up and strengthen your resolve. Nothing makes you want to win more than knowing someone is waiting for you to fail, so make it your mission to prove them wrong. Every small victory along the way will build your confidence and focus.

    Know thy enemy. And conquer away."

    Just a thought . . .