Black Poetry : A Day of Thoughts

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    A Day of Thoughts

    A Day of Thoughts

    On my car door got a pure alarm so I’m secure from harm
    Make sure I eat cure meats watch the sodium it can storm
    My blood pressure want sexual love treasure to continue
    Vegetable on my menu been to the doctor got a proper diet
    Stay at the Hyatts do exercise and use texurize on my hair riot
    With waves no Afro or dreads on my head but wears a dew rag
    Lured into temptation because America is a pimp’s nation only a hag
    Would even attempt masturbation so I keep a girlfriend for a whirl wind
    Of sex in bed, so this is a poor land with galore plans to conquer other men
    Through battle and get crews rattled for war, need fresh air and water
    An economic affair can slaughter our hopes someday all be at the altar
    To pray, we falter day by day like dying weeds lying only feeds the devil
    Working is a sign of commitment most times legit rent can definetly level
    A gravy pocket even Davy Crockette go hunt bear during hardtimes like this
    Farmers grow wheat then go weep for rain while the streets claim lives and twist
    Young minds to walk among crime I’ve hung clothes lines can’t afford a dryer
    They’re higher than gas prices we’re gonna reach a fast crisis of depression
    Blow my nose hoping my flow and prose solve hatred using sacred aggression
    The matrix lesson can serve as knowledge even Keanu Reeves believes in progress
    Bow before kings wearing galore bling adore and cling to crowns and a princess
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    Letting it all out in your flow huh? Well, go head on then.