Black Short Stories : " A DAY of LOVE" .... A MzBlkangel and Hodee collaboration..

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    Last night when I came home. I found you laying across the bed. Still dressed from the evening. I stood over you and looked at how lovely you looked. In your face I saw peace. I saw love. A whole new perspective came over me. A deeper feeling of love for thee. I leaned over to kiss you on the head. Then I went to stroke your hair. You woke . Smiled and said.

    You : Hello baby. I was waiting for you.

    Me: I see.. I tried not to wake you. Now that I have. Would you like to sit up and talk.

    You: Yes.. always you said.

    So I asked..

    Me: Lets have drink and snack. Anything special.. what would you like?

    You: What ever you make will be fine.

    We sat and talked reminiscing, about the love. About some of the times.

    Me: Remember the day we were at the park. That was such a nice picnic. You standing there in those jeans. I still have that picture. Let me get it. I'm glad that guy came along. It gave me a chance to be in the photo with you.

    As we laughed and chatted. I leaned over to kiss you several times. Each time you were leaning in at the same time.

    Love like this is so sweet. Floating thru the mist. Of each other. Knowing what the other likes.. is the best of any world. Hours past.. then we prepare for bed. Tomorrow I have something special to share.

    You: What is it.

    Me: Let me share it later..

    ==================== MzBlkangel

    Me. Ok I will wait…I also have something to add

    You. You do…ok we will talk tomorrow…

    Laying in his arms…I closed my eyes…
    Excited about the news he wanted to tell..
    (SIGH) fast off to sleep I went….

    As the morning sun raises…I turn to him..
    So peaceful…he do so much for me…he is so

    Movin closer I wake him up with a kiss….he moves slow..
    I kiss him again as he looks in my eyes..

    Me. Good morning honey…time to get up…

    You. Ok ok I am up

    Me. Ok then get up…breakfast will be done
    By the time your ready….kiss – kiss now move…

    We laugh together and both
    Pull out of bed….i wonder….hmmmmmm
    Just a thought….anyway….20 minutes went by..
    He sat at the table and ate his breakfast and drunk his coffee..

    You. Ok babe I am gone.. see you when I get home..

    He walk towards me and hug and kiss me..his eyes where gleamin
    I hope he know he was to tell me something (I thought) guess
    I must wait longer..
    He knows I am like a kid on secrets…

    Me. Ok honey see you when you get home..

    Tonight I will do it up right…nice dinner and candle light
    As he tells his I will tell mine….off to the store I went…
    before i go to work....


    Man what a day.. beautiful sunshine. Good news. I can't wait to tell my baby.

    We are buying a house.

    Got to surprise her. So I'll leave work at 5, and rush home.

    I also have this diamond ring I must pick up. I wonder what she has to tell me.

    It's driving me crazy.

    Thinking about my girl consumes me . Oh she is so sweet. I've got a meeting in an hour. Better concentrate.

    First I'll call to see if she made it to work. Ring.. Ring..

    You: Hello

    Me: Baby I was thinking about you, and wanted to call before I go to my meeting.

    What you wearing today.

    You: Why, you ask...

    Me: You know.. I just want a mental picture.

    You: Well, I went shopping. You know I'm wearing something figure flattering.

    ( whispering ) I know you like lacy stuff. I bought some special lingerie I'm wearing that I want you to see.

    Me: ( almost dropping the phone..) Oh yea....!

    You: You so silly.. your boss is going to hear you. Anyway I bought this two piece pants suit, It's black.With "V" cut front, with pleated white lace detail on the collar and cuffs. It's real cute.. I also have on your favorite lip stick.. Entice with Temptation lip gloss, lined with a dark plum.

    Me: Man.. I'm leaving work early. Can you get off?

    You: No.. but I'll see you at home. Will you home by five?

    Me: I'll becoming straight home.. I need to go now baby.. I have a meeting in 20 minutes. I have an errand to run at noon. Talk with you later...

    You: You aren't going to tell me what you wanted to share last night?

    Me: Yes, baby.. I'm getting a promotion

    You: Really.. Baby that is great news.. I'm so excited.

    Me: I'm glad baby.. I have something else for you when I get home. I have to go.. Love You...Bye

    You: Ok Bye.. Love You too.


    I went home and cook Set the table up really nice.

    Cant wait to hear his news I thought.

    I will wait until he tells me and eat and I will share mine.

    went to take a shower...and change.... his pulls up.

    I grab the 2 white roses I got for him

    As he walks in the door He is holding 2 red roses..

    Me. Hi baby.

    Congrag on your promotion (kissin him) spinning around

    in the little lacy outfit I pick up for to night..

    You. Baby wow!!!

    I love what u have on.. Is that for me..

    Me. Giggling yes.if you gonna tell me what

    You have for me..come sit down lets eat.

    He poured the wine.. I covered my glass

    You. Your not gonna toast? Whats wrong?

    Me. nothing just I rather drink some juice.

    Need to cut back on the wine.

    Sittin down to dinner his favorite meal..

    Wonderin when he was gonna tell me so

    I could give my news..


    Me: Waiting for the her to share. I stare lovingly into her eyes.

    I bought you a engagement ring.

    You: Oh.. It is beautiful.. I love it.

    To be continued..... :love:
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    Great beginning,

    Part 2
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
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    very beautiful...can't wait to read pt 2.
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    part 2 please
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    ...down south...
    i love this...can't wait for pt 2