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Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

This is a dare to Black People and the Dare To Be different Is A Dare To Be Real, because before Black people became different we were as Real Divinely, as can be, and the Universe did Smile upon all of our Realness that Divinely related to the Elemental forces as so gave Revelation by the Universe, and now, here we are, a people that proudly question that which elevate Black People without the approval of a proven enemy that spend all of their time in keeping Black people to be as we have been so conditioned to be, following the guidance of somebody Mind that does not belong to our Black body, so the dare is a Profound and Divine one, because to remain as we have been conditioned to be, is to remain to be an enemy unto our Black Selves.

So Yes beloved, the Dare is to you Black People that are not afraid to be Different, because not until then, will we be able to begin to See Divinely of our Black Selves and when Black Folks begin to See again, then and only then will we be able to understand clearly, Divinely, what we are Looking at, that is called Seeing Over Looking, as Mind is over Matter, one is Divinely Conceived to be Real and the other is profanely looked at to be real, but is only and illusion in comparison to the Esoteric Realness that can not be looked at, but can be Mentally seen.

But you See beloved, in order to be able to See and Know as opposed to Look and Believe, you must Dare to be Different from what you have been made to become, which is an imitation of your Black Selves.

So I challenge you Black Nationalist, Pan Afrikan Nationalist to Dare to be different and in doing so, it compel you not to be the Black so call Afrikan you have been conditioned to believe that you are.

It is the Conditioned Black so call Afrikan that embrace the works of a Liar and Deceiver, it is the Imitation Black so call Afrikan that believe that Black folks can not Know that which reside beyond that you be looking at and do subscribe to the belief that all things must have had a Beginning and you believe such to be so, because the Bible told you so, and you by only being qualified only to Look and not see, it prevent you from knowing that the Bible is the Mind of your Oppressors, and that prevent you from knowing that there is no such a point in time that serve to be a beginning but you are not qualified to know such a Divine Truth because you now have been conditioned to look and not see and the only way for you to be able to See again, you must Dare To Be different from That You are Today, which is a Believing, Looking, Hoping, and Faithful Black so call Afrikan American, a symbol of our Profane change, and now is afraid to be Different Again, because before the coming of the Human Being, We Black Divine Being were in fact Different from what we are today.

Never were you Black Divine Beings, had been a Division of Tribes, never were we identified as a Geographical Location, we now hold to be Black people who are believers in a False God, never were we a Follower of a Liar and Deceiver, and never were we a people that never used our Divine Mind to THINK creatively about all we were qualified to See, beyond the Perception of Looking, such is the Black so call Afrikan Modus Operandi today and the Challenge I put before you Black People today, is the Dare to be different from what you have been made to be today.

You are a People that have no idea of whom we are and most certainly where we should be going, not to mention our coming from, we Black so call Afrikans have become a people that allow our Enemy to Define our Black Behind and in your act of doing so, you have the weakness of mind to turn your Defile Nose up at those of us that come and now present to you that information about your Black behind that you once Knew and now do not have the Mind that will qualify you to remember what you use to know, how pitiful and sad a Black so call Afrikan we have become, now afraid to Dare to be Different.

Black People ! do you not see and know what is being done to us today, right now as I share this Divine Truth with you, have you not notice how the Liar and Deceivers have begun to define Race to you and now is conditioning you to be acceptive to their action use to Enslaved our Ancestors, to Hell away with reconciliation, another Term phrase created by the Devils themselves and now Black Folks give it their Blessing of approval because White Folks tell us to do so.

Do you not see how the experience of chattel Slavery is beginning to be made a Mockery of, have Us Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors Skinning and Grinning as we extend our hand to the Descendants of our Enslavers and we do so without the establishing of our own Condition for such to take place, if at all.

White Folks now Define so call Race Relations in America, White Folks now create the conditions for which we are to respond in Racial Racist Matters, White Folks choose who it is to be that you are to become proud of as a Black Man or Wombgender and your Black Behind Challenge not, nor do you rebel against such disrespecting behavior shown to us, the Children of the Middle Passage.

So Yes, that is why I propose to you the Challenge to Dare To Be different from what you are displaying of yourselves to be today, just a Slave, something that not even our Enslaved Ancestors could be made to be, not at the beginning of our Enslavement.

Just as the Ancestors in The field put the challenge to be different to the House Negro, so do I put the challenge To the Black Nationalist, Pan Afrikan Nationalist, you who are fast slipping into the status of the Afrikan American, the present day equivalent to the House Negro of Enslavement time, they whom Mother Harriet Tubman indicated toward, when she said that she could have saved Thousands more Black people, only if they would have known that they were Slaves, so you can not become Different if you do not notice anything that is indifferent about our Black Selves.

The Evil of America Environment isto us Black People and that is what cause us to be as we are today and the sad thing is, we have been fooled to believe that we can change America Environment by becoming a part of America Fabric and that is why Black Folks allow White America to decide our Social habits and desires, which is Integration / Assimilation, liking to a hangman noose around our Black identity Mind, as we gladly submit to the social biological crucifixion of Black People living in a White controlled World, we not having the self respect to be Different, wherein integration / assimilation, AS DEFINED AND ACTED OUT BY WHITE FOLKS IN POWER, is the greater expression of Racism conducted by Lucifer Themselves.

When Black Folks Dare to be difference, that is when Black Folks will begin to redefine ourselves using our own criteria and our conduct toward Slavery and Racism, well the prerequisite to any Resolve of such matters is none other than Reparation, and such thoughts as that, Dare You To Be different, Beloved.

Be Kind To Your selves

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism / Repatriation / Reparation


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