Chief Elder Osiris : A Covert Effort To Assassinate The Issue Of Reparation

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, must I say, it is Time for all serious fighters for Reparation to
    look truthfully, at who and why the many of us that is appearing to be
    interested in the Reparation issue, is involve.

    It is Time to let the buddy, buddy system go, my dear beloved, because all
    who are crying for Reparation is not its friend, nor have the desire to have
    Reparation used for its divine purpose, which is to free the body, soul and
    mind of the Children of the Middle - Passage.

    Beloved, it is required of us to use basic common sense, in order to know
    the true meaning and purpose Reparation is to be used for, and who is
    responsible for us, the children of the Middle - Passage, being able to
    issue such a demand to the enforcers of Chattel Slavery for Reparation, in
    behalf of our Enslaved Ancestors, which require Reparation to be used to
    free the wishes and desires of our Enslaved Ancestors, which was and is to
    be free and return home to Afrika.

    It it not a fact that we carry those wishes and desires in our Black Afrikan

    Therefore my dear beloved, we do inherit those wishes and desires, which
    should be the wishes and desires of the children of the middle - passage,
    naturally so.

    So tell me my beloved, is the issue of Reparation so complicated to
    understand to the point it now has spawned many diverse efforts and opinions
    about the course we must take in order for us to be successful in achieving
    the goal, Reparation, knowing its purpose and in what form it is to come?

    Can it be that all who cry out for Reparation in a leadership position, does
    not mean it, nor want it to happen, Children of the Middle - Passage
    receiving it and doing the right thing with it I mean?

    If we would only take a serious and objective look at the way many of the
    Reparation advocates and groups are approaching this most sacred issue,
    Reparation, it should prompt us to know who are not serious about
    Reparation, which should move those who are serious, to organize covert
    agents to investigate the logic and rationale of the many plans and programs
    being advocated by the Reparation advocates, groups, and organization.

    Look beloved, those of us who are serious about our Liberation, know very
    well what Reparation is to be used for and it should come a Time, when we
    will not tolerate any acts or effort to embarrass or demean that most sacred
    issue, Reparation.

    Beloved, there are many who are out there crying for Reparation with their
    lips, with material greed dropping from them, but their Soul ( mind ) is
    far from having the desire to make it so, for the True purpose it has come
    to serve to the Children of the Middle -Passage, which is to bring Salvation
    to our black soul.( mind )

    Many are out to Assassinate the issue of Reparation, in such a way that all
    they plan to do is add confusion around the issue and they know how gullible
    and impatience the mind of the Black Afrikan american is and they know those
    are the minds we Blacks in america must salvage, if Reparation is to be
    realized with dignity and respect.

    So Beloved, that is why, when serious voices call out for unity to come to
    the Reparation Movement, nobody take up the call in a positive way.

    Yes, Yes my beloved, we have carved out our own little Reparation corner and
    it inter-sect with the streets of Envy and Jealousy and at that
    inter-section, it is called the death trap, the death trap for Reparation,
    if we allow those assassins to carry out their plan to kill in the form of
    crucifying that sacred issue, Reparation.

    Any rational call for the purpose to strengthen the Reparation Movement,
    such as a need for unity, the need for a Reparation Convention, the need for
    a spiritual retreat and the need to devise a strategy and plan collectively.

    Such a call should be by those who have taken up the challenge of obtaining
    Reparation in behalf of our Enslaved Ancestors for the purpose to restore
    our Hue - Man Rights and not civil rights, and free our Soul.

    A free soul will require that we reject america, and become that independent
    State in Afrika, with a vision to free Afrika and unify the Black Afrikan
    nation, once again, such a call is a serious one.

    Such my beloved, require a serious undertaking, which I have yet to see
    emerge among the so call Reparation Liberators.

    Yes beloved, we must emerge with the knowledge and understanding that there
    is a covert effort out there to Assassinate that sacred and Divine issue,
    Reparation, and the many irrational and illogical plans concerning
    Reparation that is being floated around out there among our people,reveal
    who the Reparation Assassins really are.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie and Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Begin To cause Trouble (With The Truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    We Came From Afrika To the Diaspora As Black Afrikans And As Black Afrikan
    We shall Return !!! ( Osiris )

    It Is The Black fool Who Say, I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    UP! UP! You Mighty Race, You Can Accomplish What you will!!! ( GRAVEY )

    A Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat Is Required, so that we MAY Begin To
    Reclaim Our black Afrikan mind !!!

    Completely Loving The Carbon Afrikan Family.

    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist, Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
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    Thank you much, Brother Chief Elder Osiris for bestowing this vital bout of information upon the fam. Continue to grace us, your profound knowledge is mind-blowing:sand:

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    Beloved, may I remain humble in your presence as I remain obedient to our Divine Ancient Cosmic Ebonite Afrikan Ancestors.

    The Truth, Many Black folks Despise The Truth.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder