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    For the last 21 years the world has been witness to the longest civil war in Africa. With training, supplies and orders from the ARAB government of Khartoum, the Janjaweed militants along with government soldiers have systematicly bombed, murdered, raided villiages of BLACK AFRICAN SUDANESE.
    The objective is to destroy and rid the country of the "lesser and undesirable" black population. This arose when the former slaves of the arabs (the black population) who were oppressed wanted to gain power of their own destiny, (essentially what every human being wants). The response of the government was to burn villages, imprison and murder anyone who spoke out against it. Since the war broke out there have been 2 so called cease fires, none of which has lasted. fighting also broke out in western sudan in 2003, since then an estimated 200,000 people have been murdered and another 2.5 million people have been displaced. Many of the displaced are still being victimized in nearby camps just across the border in Chad. Rape is being used as a weapon of war to destroy not only the women, but the family and any hope of a future, peace or prosperity. Since violence has started, the international community has sat on the sidelines of their television set and done nothing, a common reaction when it comes to humanitarian crisis in Africa.

    I just finished watching the documentary titled "The Devil On Horseback" it was the eyewitness account of Brian Steidle, a former marine. Stiedle took a job as an observer to assess and report on the situation in Sudan, not knowing the full scale of what he was about to get into and how it would change his life forever. After seeing this (genocide) again as I have witnessed it twice in my 23 years on the planet. As much fatith that I have, it is hard to believe that there is a GOD somewhere and that we live in such a Hell that we call earth where evil is always lurking just around the corner and can strike at a moments notice. I always used to wonder how and why it came to be that Africans have allowed their countries to be over run, dismantled and their people destroyed by whites. Then reality struck that the problem isnt just whites, the problem has always began internally. So much so that our own internal enemies had despised us and vice versa in such a way that we couldnt even come together when our entire way of life was peril, when in danger of being wiped out by a common enemy. And when or if they tried it was too late This is often the historical back drop in most of the 54 countries who have endured internal strife and civil war. It was also the back drop for the situation that came to head the Rawandan Genocide in 1994, where the Hutu slaughtered an estimated 100000000 people begining in April of that year.

    I have come to the conclusion that the reason the UN and particularly the super powers of the United States, Britain, France and China have not come to the aid of the Sudanese people is not only because they are black, but because they are responsible (CHina) and have done the same things themselves in the past. Its funny how they show the world time and again their sentiments towards people of color. No one lifted a finger and turned a blind eye on turkey in 1918 when they murderd millions of Araminians, but a decade later crushed germany for their atrocities on their White counter parts. Rawanda was ignored after pressing reports in 1994 but 4 years later White Bosnians are rescued from their fiery hell by the "beloved" Bill Clinton who was in office and watched Rawanda's suffering but did nothing. No the Clintons certainly arent racist, havent they showed that with their compasion towards Rawanda?

    What are your thoughts? Responses are very much welcomed.