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    A Claim To Fame Is About Game, But A Claim To Be Sane, Cause Divine Change, Reparation Represent That Change For Afrika, And The Black Afrikan.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep On Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You!!!

    There Is A Time To Be Funny And There Is A Time To Be Serious, and the two is not in conflict with each other, when the Mind is Sane and Divine, but what cause there to be a conflict, is when the one being funny has no control over knowing when to stop being funny, so you keep on acting a fool, even in the midst of our oppression.

    A Mind that does not Think is a Mind that believe everything it reveal is true, not recognizing that there is no Truth in profanity, and a Mind that does not Think, is a profane Mind, always attempting to attract attention by being funny, and all liars has a funny nature about them.

    Because, they are not about anything that Demand seriousness, and it is seriousness that walk with the Divine Truth, there being one Truth that Divinely inform you as to when the Time is to be funny and when the Time is to be serious, and it is the condition of your Life that dictate such a Time, and not a Mind always wanting to be funny.

    The funny mind is the mind that is insane and is about nothing but game, always attempting to be seen in order to get your attention, which is the game of a fool, and to listen to a fool is to be about nothing but game, and the fool game is to be funny and never serious.

    Because to be serious it require for you to Think your way through life and not believe your way through life, always gaming and never serious.

    There has never been a Revolution that take place under a so call Democratic structure, because in Democracy there is to many different opinions given about the same subject issue, and to believe to act spontaneous, when claiming to be about Constructive Change that will be associated with Freedom, is the action of those who choose to be funny rather than to be serious about the condition of Afrika and the Division of the Black Afrikan people.

    The funny people, they are always appearing to be about nothing but game and not Freedom for Afrika and the Lives of Black Afrikan people, which will only be enjoyed in Afrika, which is why a revolution is necessary, if freedom is to sanctify our Mind.

    Writing and Talking is the prelude to Freedom for a people in bondage, provided that the Talking and Writing is shrouded with the Divine Truth, less than such a sacred Truth, only show you up to be just gaming, being funny in all that you believe about Black people present world condition, and such a condition is not to be changed by being funny and gaming, but require for you to know the seriousness of the Black Afrikan condition in life.

    Grouping and meeting with the spirit of arrogance, and to be conspicuous to gain deceiving reputation, is as a greater sin against Black people than the overt oppression that our Enslaved Ancestors had to endure.

    So do not attempt to make claim that Black Folks freedom is about grouping without a plan or a strategy that will point Black people the way to Freedom, and that freedom, which is Divine, is only to take place in Afrika.

    So, to make claim other than that Divine Truth, it will show you up to being funny and gaming with the lives of Black people, and woe should be unto you who would deceive and play games with the lives of Black people, choosing to be funny and never has the desire to be serious about the lives of Black people.

    There is a difference in coming together to be seen and heard and never to see and to know, when the discussion is about the condition of Black people and what it is that we need to do in order to bring freedom to Afrika and Unity to the Black Afrikan people.

    Let me share this with you beloved, Class’ism is the Darling of Evil and Deception, it cause enmity between one another, giving off a false sense of either success or failure, when in the Life of the Divine, there is no success or failure to measure the Divinity of Life.

    There is just being free and intelligent to know that the whole Universe belong to the Divine Essence, and such a Divine Power has the action to provide for all that It Has Caused To Be, one no greater than the other, by being, or in performance, performing in according to your meaning and purpose to the motion of life.

    So all of this funny business about I got mine and it is more than what you have, and therefore, I am more better than you who have not in greater portion than I have, make me to be more important than you, belief such as that, is no more than the performance of a person being funny and is full of not Divine intelligence, but with game, and it is the fool who plays funny games about the condition of oppressed lives.

    Class in a society that is based upon property ownership possession is evil, and it promote the Mind of Lucifer the Human Being, he who conceived of a Class oriented society World, knowing that such a concept would keep the people from having Divine Respect and concern for each other, and to always be at odds with each other, about what is the Divine approach to defeat Lucifer Evil deeds that affect the Lives of the Black World, as well as the outer world on this planet Earth.

    Listen, I am a child of the era of Jim Crow, segregation, so I do not need to read History about what happen during the Jim Crow era, and the Sixties, Seventies, on into the Eighties activism of Black people rebellion against segregation and overt injustice with racist prejudice.

    I was a student of Experience of that Time, so I know in term of the action Black people took during that Time, and I was right there, not looking on or waiting to see what History will have to say about that Time, I was a part of the Making of that History.

    So, I know the pros and Cons of group dynamics and how such a Gathering can serve to be either a positive or a negative in the fight for Decent Respect for Black People, and as I am able to see today, the only Decent Respect to come for Black people is to come through Reparation Freedom.

    Now, how that goal is to be achieved is a requirement of a Divine Mind, and such a Mind must not be about all Fun and game, but about the seriousness required to achieve the goal of obtaining Reparation Freedom, the only Freedom that is Divine enough to change the present status of Afrika and to erase the Tribal social structure of Afrikan people.

    A structure that support and maintain the Class structure in Afrika, be it both economical and the false tribal Ethnic identified division of Black Afrikan people, whose life is now structured around Culture and Traditions, instead of Actual being and living a Mono Black Divine Being Way of life Living, absent of Classical Tribalism to identify a Primary Ancient Black Divine people that came to Afrika, without classical traditional misconception and perception about the Body life, nor about the Divine Essence, nor about both Universe, but was in the know of how actual a consistent way of living must Divine be lived.

    So the Mental spirit Black people displayed and acted out, under such a guidance during the Rebellion of the Sixties, is not what I see today being of the Black American usage of today.

    There are a brand new Black people today, and their modus operandi is all about fun and game.

    So with such a low quality of Mind in charge of the Black life today, there is no wonder why Reparation is being disrespected and treated as a civil Rights issue, as if it can be judicially obtained.

    My Master teacher Experience, taught me not to categorize the perpetrators who acted out the Evil and oppression against Black people, they who occupy every position in corporate America division of governing.

    So it is the action of the serious Black Afrikan, you who know the importance of privately and secretly planning and strategizing what is to be the action of approach that will benefit our Enslaved Ancestors and will have us obtaining our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    Reparation, just like segregation was, it is a revolutionary cause, and not a beg to be of a judicial cause, the charges have been long made against America, based upon America institution of Chattel Slavery.

    It was our Afrikan Ancestors,they being the Chattel, and the Trial has been long over, Five Hundred Years worth of Time, and the verdict render guilty, based upon the Death and suffering, free labor enforced, and all type of physical hardship and invasion upon our Enslaved Ancestors physical privacy.

    It is all such empirical facts serving to be evidence, is what give the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors, we who are serious about collecting our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, the cause to revolt against any and every decision given against paying Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Those Reparations that belong to our Enslave Ancestors and is being held unjustly by America and her allies which participated in the Enslaving of our Afrikan Ancestors, give us the Divine Right to revolt in any way we so deem necessary, in order to obtain our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and to do so without compromise.

    So there is a method that must demand a Divine approach in order to obtain our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and such a method does not include funning and gaming, being with such vanity of ego, envy, and jealousy, buddy-buddy camaraderie, faulty clannish relationship, all such a grouping only serve selfish vain act of lying and deceiving, which is what lend to defeat the purpose, which is to collect our Enslave Ancestors Reparation, that which require private planning and strategy, with a oneness of mind, in order to defeat the Evil that now hold our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation in Hostage, away from them.

    Reparation is not to be based upon want, it is in the caste of need, and it is Afrika that is in need of being for the Afrikan, and it is the Black Afrikan that is in need of being freely reunited again in Afrika, all to happen at the receiving of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and it will not be accomplished by the myriads of disjointed discussion and conversations open and publicly, done so by meaningless grouping, each having their one selfish wants in how Reparation is to be treated and approached.

    Such a spirit serve to assure the defeat of any faulty effort to obtain our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, because in such a structured diverse approach, it lend its action to be defeated, because all is based upon fun and game and not seriousness, which Reparation demand of those who claim to be in its pursuit to obtain it.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

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