Black People : A Christian Right GOP Fascist Theocracy would Love to Tax the Black Church

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    Fascism, Mussolini's corporate

    state, where Free Trade rules, is not far from the ideology of "The Family"
    or the fanatical Christian arm of White Supremacy.
    With the comfort and asurance that the corporations, pay absolutly no
    income tax,
    they would have no problem with their clergy paying taxes,
    and establishing a theocracy with no seperation of church and state,
    after massive cuts in all basic American government benefits,
    they would seek to continue their onslaught on the Black community,
    by attacking all Black clergy wth heavy taxes;

    What would be the impact of taxing a national community
    edifice of health, Black history and Kemetic metaphysics,
    such as Smau Tauii of Queen Afua, or Ausar Auset of Ra Un Nefer Amen??????

    Since reconstruction, the Black church, via edifices such as African methodist Episcopal, and African Mehodist Zion,
    have been the bastion of the rudiments of Black Nationalism.
    Durng the Black Power Movement
    the Black church opened it's doors not just for places for speech making
    but places of safe haven organizing, free breakfast progrmas,, Black history, and political awareness classes for;
    Kwame Ture and SNCC
    the Black Panther Party for Self Defense
    Robert Williams Defensive NAACP ("Negros with Guns")
    Ron Karenga and US
    Herman Ferguson and the RNA
    H Rap Brown

    So since the time of Nixon and Reagan,
    they have had this vendetta

    Now long before the uncle tom atracting "faith based initative" and t tis day;
    the Black church has and is providing, without proselityzing their religion;
    1 Free health screening and testing
    2 Soup Kitchens
    3 Food Pantries
    4 Emergency Shelters
    5 Youth Mentoring
    6 Prison Outreach
    7 Black history, music and art classes for children
    8 Pregnant teen outreach
    9 Stop the violence and Gang remidiation
    10 Veteran readjutment
    11 After incarceration readjustment
    12 Voter registration
    13 Job training information

    and as the GOP engage in draconian Malthusian cuts, they will be the only service in the Black Community to take up the slack,
    since there is no longer
    a Black Panther Party in our communities, that provided many
    of those services, or any other grassroots organization