Black Poetry : A Change of Heart


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Mar 27, 2001
[SIZE=huge]The day that I severed the emotional tight rope :uzi:
and allowed my guard to plummet,
I exhaled, :eek:
and my :heart:, simultaneously, skipped a beat;
whilst my first, second, and 'third' eyes
sent 'Emergency Broadcasting System' signals-
like shock waves-
down to my, metaphoric, feet.
Where personification, carelessly,
let loose of the 'wheels'
that, eventually, snatched control of my balance,
causing me to fall
`head over heels`
and land in the midst
of numerous fields
of sheer devotion.
the water encasing my nonchalance
had broken
and my soul, systematically, gave birth
to the notion
that, for what its worth, my heaven on earth
-enveloped in a blanket of emotion-
just beyond the weeping willow...
as i made my way down the mountains...

to the valley of milk and honey
where fig trees were growing and rivers were running
the skies were all sunny
made my heartbeat all funny

off in the distance, i saw the weeping willow
and under hanging limbs, i saw a blanket full of emotions

EMOTIONS, i said, let's take a little walk
there's this sistah ova yonder
who wants to have a little talk

she's been sending emergency signals
from a heart that's skipping beats
body exhaling metaphors
from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet

she's trying to do a balancing act
from a rope that's not secure
all that's keeping her head held high
is a heart both innocent and pure

would you like to live with her
...provide stability to that one
who will give you all you've ever wanted
who will provide a smile when the day is done


now that your HEAVEN ON EARTH resides with you, again.
can we get a smile?:)


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