Chief Elder Osiris : A Change Need To Come To Afrika And Black People

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    A Change Need To Come To Afrika And Black People

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The Fashion and Fad in America Political Society is a claim to Change and such a change, if you would allow Black People to declare, has now come to Black Afrikan Americans, all because White people have allowed Obama to become President in America, not of America, because no respecting Beings or institution in America does not make Racist Reference to its President as the N Y Post Cartoon signify, so the change Black Americans are making claim to, is only Cosmetically superficial, with a shelf life of four and possible Eight Years, that is if Racism is willing to allow President Obama to serve out his term as president in America.

    Beloved, all change is not good change and such change does not always serve to the Greater Good for Black People in America, so when Black People talk about Change it should be about the Change that need to come to Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans who are for the Love and preservation of Afrika and Black People, for Afrika sake, and nothing else, because if you are residing in your Divine Mind, then you will know that any Divine Change that take place among Black People will be to the Greater Good of Afrika and what is Good for Black People in Afrika will be for the Greater Good of the outer World, so it is Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan World that need to experience a Divine Change to come to the Mother Land and Her Children.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Afrika is the Mother of the Black so call Afrikans upon this Planet, and that part of Queen Mother Earth became the Mother to our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors the moment that they arrived to this Planet, because that part of Queen Mother Earth did not hesitate in receiving our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, as the Land call Afrika presented Her Self for the Use of Divine Living and Mother Afrika provided all that was needrd, to our Divine Ancestors, which allowed them to be able to construct the Greatest Civilization upon this Planet that has ever been and it all took place first, in the Land now referred to as Afrika and to observe Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan today, then any Divine Intelligent Black so call Afrikan can See why A Divine Change Need To Come Back To Afrika and Black So Call Afrikan People, Today.

    White Folks Politics and their conning trickery is not sufficient to bring about the quality of Change Black People Need in America, because the change Black People In America Need is not a change in white folks politics but a change of the quality of Mind Black People now Function Under, and it is that Low Quality of Mind that has Proved not to be to the benefit of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan Nation.

    There Is A Change That Need To Come and that Change Must be of such a Divine Quality until the Ignorant Intelligent Black Afrikan Americans will not serve successfully as agents of the creators of Racism, as they continue to go around innocent Black People in Need of a Divine Change, selling to them a Profane Superficial Cosmetic Change that will keep Black People Dumbfound Ignorant as to who we are and to keep Afrika under the control of Racism and Ignorant enforcers of Tribalism in Afrika, among the Black People there in Afrika.

    There will not be the experience of Divine Change for Afrika and Black People as long as we allow the Ignorant Intelligent Black Afrikan Americans tell Black People that Race Does Not Matter and we challenge them not!!!

    Beloved, it is Divinely True that we now live in a Time that require for Afrika and Her Children to experience the quality of Change that will cause Afrika to be Afrika again and for Black People to become the Divine Beings that we once were, at the Time of our Divine Cosmic Black Ancient First Way Ancestors coming.

    Now the ignorant intelligent Black American and Black Afrikan Tribal advocates are not qualified to know and understand this Divine Truth that has come to the Black World at this Time and they get Mad as Hell because their Human Being Mind is not calibrated to know and Understand that which is Mystically Divine, and every Time they attempt to make Fun at the Divine Information that so declare Black People being not of this World nor from this Planet, the Ignorant Intelligent Black so call Afrikan become ignorantly indignant toward the Divine Truth and such a display of such self ignorance, express disrespect toward our Divine First Way Black Ancestors and no Black Being who disrespect our Ancient Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors, will not ever experience the Divinity of Life and will remain the actor of a Foolish Black People.

    Beloved, you have among you those ignorant intelligent Black People who attempt to get you to believe when our Spirit is being Divinely Described, that such vivid Divine Description of the Spirit we now express is Name Calling and acts of a put down of Black People, not so beloved, because not until you have been Divinely Truthfully Described in your Transformed Spirit of a Human Being mind, will you be able to come to See ourselves as we have been made to be today, at this Time, and until you become qualified to See your Black Selves as we are today, will you be able to come to Know Thy Self, Beloved.

    So, The Way I Share Information Of A Divine Nature, is the way you must learn to accept the Divine Truth about the Spirit we now display, and me sharing with you Divine Information which is obviously not to win your favor but to get you to reclaim your Divine Mind, and my sharing is done with The Divine Mental Sensation that I have For The Black World and for Mother Afrika.

    Can You Understand That Beloved?

    Beloved, I am not out to make enemy with no Black Being, but sorry, I can not say the same for the Divine Truth, because just by its presence, it cause some Black People claiming to be so intelligent, to show up their Ignorance every time they attempt to challenge not me, but the Divine Truth that I share, and Woe is unto you who Ignorantly take on such a Foolish Task against The Divine Truth, because you can not offend intelligently that which you do not know, with what you have been told to believe, beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self

    As You Are Rebelling Against The Divine Truth, I Am Loving Afrika And Black People!!!


    Chief Elder

    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement

    [email protected]