Chief Elder Osiris : A Challenge To The Serious Uncompromising Garveyites!!!

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    BY Chief Elder Osiris

    In these serious threatening Times To Garvey Black Nationalism and you may pretend that the Time is not now, the spirit of our Divine Ancestors require all who Love the Naturalness of Self and still adhere to the dedication of the Honorable Marcus Garvey Black Is Beautiful proclamation and verification And The Divine Right that Black People have to power in the world, and in view of the evil that has completely revealed its intent against Black Nationalism and the Right to Afrika reclamation by Black People and the need for the Reunification of the Divine Black Nation, I put forth a challenge to all proud and bold Black Nationalist, to come together for the purpose of rededicating the Divine Spirit of Black Nationalism to the Divine Spirit of that great uncompromising Leader, The Honorable Marcus Garvey, he who was able to see the evil in the institution of perceived and conceived organized Religion, the weapon used to cause the mass destruction of Black Afrikan Civilization.

    This is not a call to vain ego, envy and jealous that is driven by want to be and claim to be Black Nationalist, Pan-Afrikan American confused revolutionaries, nor is it to Afrikan American so call community Liberator.

    This is a challenge to the lover and followers of the Philosophy and Opinion Of The Honorable Marcus Garvey whose idea and dedication is in need of being revived among the Black Masses, you are under attack by the Afrikan integration / Assimilationist, using the decoy of a claim for Profane Change regarding the Divine Being, Black Identity in the world.

    Need I say this is a very serious made to be dangerous Time for being Black in the world and to be making such a claim about our Racial identity in America and the World, and if the Black Nationalist -Pan- Afrikan, you who has inherit the gift of having the mental awareness about the importance of the spreading of the Garvey proclamation pertaining to Afrika and the Black Afrikan.

    So, do I need to share with you that our Time is now to take a stand and hold high the Flag of the Red, Black, And Green and get about the business of saving a Black Nation, the Nation that is in dire need of being Saved.

    So now is the Time for all serious Black Nationalist Pan-Afrikan advocates to come together without a preconceived agenda but for the purpose to Reason together for the Greater Good of Black people in America, in order to regain the vision that the Honorable Marcus Garvey Had for Black People and for Afrika.

    The Challenge has been placed before you as you witness the rise of Social Capitalist Racial Assimilation and political sustainment of the Middle Class and Upper Class in America, such is being assured by the advocation of Obama Profane Change that will secure the status duo of the Lower Working Class in America, a ratio that is dominated by the Children Of The Middle Passage, whose Ancestors happen to be those Afrikans brought to America as Enslaved Chattel.

    The Challenge has been put forth before you, now it is your move.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Yes You are Obligated To Be Kind To Your self, Beloved.


    Chief Elder