Chief Elder Osiris : A Challenge To The Black Nationalist Garveyites

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    Hoteph Beloved sisters and Brothers:

    Beloved they are doing it again and I saw them do it during the Civil Rights Rebellion in the Sixties and that is consciously excluding the Black Nationalist Garvey Thoughts from the Public Domain, preventing Black People from getting a straight and Balance view and thoughts on the issue of Race and Unjustified Prejudice in america.

    It is a fact that america Media Network is the most Racist and practitioners of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice to affect the Minds of america society and now from the slip of the tongue of Don Imus we Black Nationalist Garveyites has an opportunity to inform the america Racist Media that we Demand that the Black society be treated with respect by allowing them to hear a different Mind set on the issue of Race in america, which is different from the Al Sharptons in the Black World.

    So beloved, I challenge you to let us begin today to flood the telephones and with E-mails or Letters to MSNBC, NBS, CBS, CNN, ABC, FOX and all other News Media I might have omitted here and let them know that we are well aware of their Racist and Prejudice strategy to keep Black people with a single Mind set about Race in this country and we demand that it be stopped.

    I am well aware of who control the public airways, but it does not mean that the Black Nationalist Garveyites is to remain silent any longer, because beloved, as long as we remain silent and divided from each other, it will be the likes of Al Sharpton and the rest of the integration/assimilation Black Aristocracy that will continue to confuse and control the way Black people now believe about america and Race.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder