Chief Elder Osiris : A Call To Mind, Stop The Killing, Save The Children

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    A Call To Mind, Stop The Killing, Save The Children

    Hoteph Beloved:

    Take this as not a reply but a statement of Divine Fact concerning the present psychic of Black people in America and thus as is passed down to our children

    If you are Black and serious about the type of Spirit our Children is now expressing, because of the fact that their Mind has become possessed with nothing but lies and deception about America and the World in general.

    So if you Divinely Love your Children, then you would be wise to think about what is the best course to take in order to change the life living direction our children have been influenced to take in America.

    The first thing Black Folks need to arm ourselves with, is with a Mind that motivate Black people to Think Divinely and not irrational emotionally.

    A call to arm must come two fold to Black People, one to be openly Divinely Spiritual and the other must be privately physical, and the two method must compliment the life and safety of our children and their parents, as well as all serious Black Afrikans Descendants in America and the rest of Diaspora America.

    Now, in this Time, it is not the Time to flex false positive militarism to the Black World, and especially not to our Children, that is if we desire to save our Children from what lies in store for them, that will be more devastating to them than what you see them going through today.

    This is not the Time for the flashing of corrupted ego with a desire to become influential conspicuous before the Black World, calling openly for a act to Arm, not specifying what quality of Arms are being required for you to pick up and have in your possession.

    If you Divinely Love and is Truly concern about the way that your children have been influenced to act in their young lives today, then the first order of business is to call for the parents and adult Black Afrikans to arm ourselves with our Ancient First Way Ancestors Mind method of Thinking.

    Doing so, will qualify you Black People to know the value and importance that Reparation and our Divine Spirituality is to be, in the process of Liberating our Children and Black people out from the very environment that have some Black folks shenanigan around appearing to be so militant impatience with the most intelligent process that will save the lives of our children.

    Such a way of life will put you in a position to reclaim Afrika and will be able to bring about a reunification of the Black Afrikan Nation.

    Now, you can not continue to function as a Human Being, using the Human Being Mind, and expect to be be qualified to look inside the Spiritual Dynamics of your Black Body Life and be able to know and understand why the necessity of the need for Black people to learn to Think our way out of the misery the life of our children are experiencing today.

    There is as well, a more devastating misery that the parents of those children are experiences, which is being experienced by all serious minded Black Afrikans.

    No, you will not be able to look at the merit of using a Divine Spiritual approach to saving our children, because the requirement is for you to be qualified to Look as well as see, what the merit is, in using the Mind ability to Divinely Think our Way to our Liberation.

    Now, in the process of Divinely Thinking and being able to look as well as to see why the call to Black people must be, first a call to arm ourselves with our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors Mind, the mind they brought to this planet and passed on to you, the so call Black Afrikan, you who have allowed that Divine quality of Mind to be invaded with the Mind of the Human Being, our oppressors today.

    With such a flawed use of a mind, it will not allow you Black so call Afrikans to know why it is that you must first reclaim your Ancient First Way Ancestors Mind, arm yourself with such a high powered caliber of a Divine Mind and you will come to be able to See clearly why the rebirth of your Divine Spirituality and the Demand of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation is essential to us being able to save the Children of the Black Afrikan Nation.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    Beloved, this much I can share with you in public, but there is another dimension to the steps that must be taken in order to secure our children freedom.

    So, it is by us grandstanding on the falsity of our egotistical grandiose militaristic public call to Arm, not specifying the type and quality of Arms to be used in our endeavor to change the direction of the life path that our children is now traveling today, that is what is causing the confusing among our children today.

    You see, it is the so call superficial "Punkness" of such a Militaristic Call to Arm, attacking the two most sacred weapons in the mental arsenal of Black Afrikan People, which are our Divine Spirituality and the Sacred Holiness of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, because by engaging in such an attack, you attack mother Afrika and the need for the Black Afrikans to become a United Black Nation again.

    You See Beloved, When You Do Not Know What Is Divinely True And Real, A Foolish Appeal will only appeal to the foolish amongst us Black Afrikan People.

    Do know, that I mean no disrespect to anyone, it is just that I have Divine Respect For The Divine Truth And Reality that is revealed to me and many others in communication with our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, which the Black Life is in need of knowing how to make that Divine connection today, that is if we are to seriously Save The Children Of The Black Nation.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder'
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