Black Poetry : A Call to Kings (friendly reminder)


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Jan 30, 2001
Our women are calling
Black Queens on a mission
Calling all Kings
Men that are missing

They call to us loud
They call to us clear
They are calling my brother
It's time for us to hear

Queens needing Kings to avoid the trap
That socio/mathematical scheme
Historically keeping us apart
Chasing something
While other folks kids get the better start

She's not so strong to do it alone
Though many have done it successfully
Too high a price must be paid
And it's really not how she wants it to be

The call is out my brother
She doesn't want to be a martyr
Carrying the sign that says, "I'm doing the best I can"
Knowing she is capable of so much more
Needing only the love and support of her man

And it is the love of a Black Man she wants
Don't be fooled by stories in Essence Magazine
Or statistics showing more white men on the scene


No one can love her the way we do
It's us the're calling for a love that is true

And so much more than just physical love
It's our glow, our strength, our emotion, our style
Our look, our rhythm, our minds
Our tears and our smiles

She's calling for our fearless hearts
Comfort and protection when she's in our arms
Calling for the peace
Found only in our charms

She's calling for our lives
A call for our loving spirit
We must listen with our souls
If we ever are to hear it


This flow is so real. It may seem to many as if we are strong and can make it on our own, but it's not that way at all. It's what we must do when put in that situation. I know many of us long for a strong black King in the late nights or the wee hours of the mornings, when alone and silent surrounds us giving way to a tidal wave of thoughts that are drowned out during the day from the noise of society shouting out to us, that we are strong enough to make it without our King. This needed to be said and heard. Thank you.

I respectfully bow to you in gratitude.

MadLove:heart: Coco


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