Africa : A Call for Global African Unity

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    A Call for Global African Unity

    Recently, a few articles in the press outlined the
    tension in America between the African Americans and
    African immigrants from the continent and from the
    Carribean. With a rate of about 50,000 legal African
    immigrants arriving in the US yearly, it is important
    for us as a collective to reinforce our global African
    unity as well as work together for mutual benefit.

    All blacks, whether from the continent or in the
    Diaspora are victims of global white-supremacy and
    have been conditioned to look at each other
    suspiciously and focus on our differences rather than
    the common elements of our extended family as well as
    see creative opportunities for all of us to benefit
    from our cooperation.
    Some of our tension and suspicions originate from old
    historical mistakes and resentments, cultural
    differences and social-political-economic experiences,
    as well as unique interests, problems and priorities.

    The inclusion of the African Diaspora as an important
    part of the African Union came as a positive step
    towards the effectiveness and meaningfulness of the
    African Union. Last October the AU Commission convened
    the 'First Conference of Intellectuals of African and
    the Diaspora in Senegal.
    The themes of the conference included PanAfricanism,
    contribution of the intellectuals from Africa & the
    Diaspora to the strengthening of African Integration
    in the 21st Century, the relationship between Africa
    and its Diaspora, etc.

    My call today is for us all to seek creative ways
    through which we can work together and benefit from
    each other socially, economically, intellectually,
    culturally, political and spiritually.
    Therefore I am calling on all of us, Africans from the
    continent and Africans in the Diaspora to open our
    hearts, forgive each other for our lack of courtesy,
    lack of real love for each other, lack of sensitivity,
    arrogance, and self-rightiousness.

    I am particulary appealing to African immigrants from
    the continent and from the Carribeans to pay extra
    attention to the reality of how much tension they
    cause when they live in the US and ignore the social,
    economic and political problems that African Americans
    face. It is irresponsible for any black person to live
    in the US, pursue the American dream and not make
    effort to reach out to, help or work with our African
    American brothers and sisters whose ancestors paid a
    great price to build this country, and who are still
    victims of social, economic and political injustices.
    Please, dont isolate yourself but make yourself an
    instrument for community building and social change.
    Through your participation and active role in the
    black community change can come and unity can be
    I am saying this from experience, I am myself an
    African immigrant from the continent and I have seen
    how attitudes change when you give yourself and
    actively participate in community building and show
    that you are not just about chasing the American dream
    but you are really interested in contributing to the
    development of African American communities.
    Learn from the example of Marcus Garvey, he didnt sit
    and criticize but took responsibility and ignited
    Pan-Africanism worldwide.

    The next thing I am calling for is for all those who
    are interested in signing a 'Declaration and Pledge of
    Global African Unity' to send me emails with your
    names and address so that you can receive a copy of
    that 'Unity Declaration' document, which you will sign
    and send back, then all signatures from our global
    family will be included in the document and you will
    receive a copy.
    The document will include the following points:
    1. Declaration and pledge of African unity for all
    Africans and African descendants worldwide.
    2. Recognition of the African diaspora as full
    citizens of any country in the African continent,
    including the opportunities to invest, own property,
    land, and businesses on the African continent
    3. A pertition for African governments to ammend
    immigration laws to enable easier movement within the
    continent and from the Diapora
    4. A pertition for greater economic, cultural and
    intellectual exchange and coopeation between
    continental Africans and African diaspora
    5. Recognition of historical mistakes and a
    determination to create a new history based on
    internation unity.
    etc. - Your contributions will be most appreciated.

    This document will be sent and signed by all African
    nations, the AU, all black organizations and
    institutions worldwide, as well as all interested

    To participate or contribute to this project send
    emails to -
    [email protected]