Chief Elder Osiris : A Call for a Black Revolutionary Center in the US

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    A Call for a Black Revolutionary Center in the US

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    Beloved I am a laborer of independent Thought, so with that said, let me say, I agree with brother Anderson about how much this apparent mentality which is implying that we have got to raise our consciousness to the level we will be able to express our respect for the Black Life when the pursuit in its honor is Harmony, Order, and Balance, Even unto Death, that is if such be the requirement we must be willing to face in order to secure A Black Sacred Free Life.

    Yet I must say, I do agree with the Spirit of this conference indication, I must say, I would have reservation about it if the implication of Revolution is not being interchangeable or synonymously used as meaning Liberation, because my understanding of revolution is, it is an action being taken to return a state of governance and / or behavior to its primary form of governance and accepted mentality, which will reflect a act of rebellion against what the people consider to be a change of governance that has emerged by a force that does not have the majority consent of the People Government, which lead me to say, Black folks in my opinion have gone through a Minor revolution when we rose to revolt against the Civil Laws of segregation in america, our objective being to over turn Civil unjust Segregated Laws that govern and restricted our movement in america, I do not see our problem being of a civil nature today in america, it is of a Divine Universal Nature and even though when we continue to believe on a civil level in view of our wants in america, then by functioning on that civil level, do not guarantee to Black folks in america, Liberation, Freedom from the evil of Civil injustice, with the absent of Liberation, such become a perpetual appeal by the victims of civil injustice.

    Black people in america if serious in regaining our Liberation, we must rise above the want that imply that we have a right to rebel over an injustice that threaten our civil rights and not Freedom, when in fact in america we Black Folks have never experienced Freedom in america and we never will , operating with the Mind the american power has implanted in us, in order to interrupt the use of a process of Divine Thought, which we once mastered.

    Beloved, in a revolution, it is honorable to be willing to Die for that which is Yours and somebody is attempting to take it away from you, for instance, the Black Afrikan in Afrika has ever Right to be Thinking Revolution, because our Afrika Continent is under occupation by strangers and is governed in many Afrikan States by those leaders that show bo Love for Afrikan People and serve as a cause of Afrikans Suffering, while the out side forces of Evil is circling their wagon in want to take over the Afrika Continent, beloved, it is that type of a Threat that require a Revolutionary action by the originalpeople of that Land.

    But we Black Folks in america has a different obligation to our Black Life and that obligation demand an action that will bring about the Liberation of Black People in america, here by way of the Middle Passage, with a willingness to suffer the consequence from the action that will acquire our Liberation, therefore we must raise our order of Mental responsibility from Want to Need, and when dealing with Need in regard to the condition of Black Folks in america, Children of the Middle Passage, at such a Mental Level, require for us to Think and Know the answer to our present condition in america, which is the fight for Liberation from america.

    I support the Spirit being reflected here in this announced effort, but let it be well focus on obtaining a viable solution to the problems that face Black people in america.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
    First way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism / Sanka Repatriation movement

    "S. E. Anderson" <[email protected]> wrote:

    FROM: Iskandar <[email protected]>

    A Black Revolutionary Center

    Regrettably, I will not be able to make the October 19-22 "Unify or Die Conference" in Baltimore this week (see [email protected]), but the requirement for a Black Revolutionary center exists now more than ever, with the US white power State expanding its hegemony, that is, its domination over civil society and the entire planet at a pace surpassing Imperialist finance and political power, thru militarism.

    Black revolutionary unity has historically presented a critical challenge to American bourgeois democracy, pitching it into crisis whilst building solidarity with sister movements thru out the US and the World. Hence the call for a Black revolutionary center to resist the hegemonic white power system.

    This current state of affairs sees a US black community repressed not only by its historical enemies, a fundamentally racist white society combined with an anti-labor capitalist class and its State machinery. I say "historical" enemies because the tension between Africans in North America and white society defines a relationship which blacks here have always strived to escape, in a fundamental way. Absent white oppression, our cultural and national identity must inevitably take on a liberated form which we cannot begin to imagine.

    However, the oppression of the broad masses of African working class and poor also is assisted and maintained by a prostrate, dependent black middle class (petty bourgeoisie).

    Reliant as it is upon the State and the corporate corps, the black middle class has no ambition, let alone any clear ideological contribution, that may provide any leadership over the crisis in the Ghetto. Evidence of this is that only a middle class with nationalist or revolutionary aspirations can combine with the working class for an independent or separatist aim. The black petty bourgeoisie has no such objectives.

    Even if it had, the middle class cannot go beyond opportunism unless the masses – in a truly democratic achievement – acquire leadership and articulate the demands of society in a revolution. And whilst we may not think a revolution is possible, revolution is necessary to change the present genocidal, parasitic course of history.

    The white left's anachronistic and cavalier calls for impeachment of the US president and his thugs, or for a war crimes trial, cannot be attained unless they transform the rhetoric into a serious movement with critical agitation. Not only must the present regime suffer consequences but its war-mongering predecessors as well, who set the stage for the war situation or preserved the status quo for its prosecution.

    The white left, unable to assume a unified and enduring stance, tails the black petty bourgeoisie in its weaknesses and allergy to the masses.

    Yes, American social chauvinism, its racism, expresses itself thru different forms from anti-immigration to anti-Arabism and Islamophobia to anti-labor. Tho individuals from the oppressed nationalities can aspire to the highest positions in US society, they must commit national suicide as a prerequisite.

    Meanwhile, the export of capital resources have weakened a corporatized union movement, which should be plotting plant takeovers and developing greater labor power to contest with private property. Plant closings, mass terminations, price increases of essentials, capital export of machinery and technology and services form the main strategy of the anti-labor trend. Private interests, having placed their agents in the highest levels of the State, have initiated the steps and turns towards neo-fascism.

    Fascism, as police control of labor and direct unity of private industry with the State, started in a limited form during the Nineties. Clinton's burgeoning prison-industrial complex joins private security firms, alongside manufacturing and service industries, with the State's prisons systems. This is American neo-fascism.

    Since the US experience differs from the Europeans in that the US has several captive, domestic colonies around whose repression whites have historically united, Clinton's "war-on-crime" and the war-of-drugs made its impact mainly on Latino and black populations. George W. Bush then expanded this into a global "war-on-terrorism" against Arabs and Muslims. Cold War recriminations against radical states have also been incorporated into this militaristic period. The tightening of domestic security under the Patriot Act includes a "no-fly" list, broad wiretap powers, torture, detention without trial, suspension of writ of habeas corpus, limits on free speech and fundraising, and increased police attacks on foreigners and others.

    Not only that, the devastation and social disintegration of Iraki society under US military occupation should be defined as a war crime per se. The theft of Iraki oil following 12-years of crippling sanctions continues to take place under the US military aegis. Depleted uranium, a weapon of mass destruction far more devastating than Saddam Hussein's gas, litters the Iraki and Afghan country-sides. DU doesn't dissipate, and causes birth defects and cancers, as decontamination technology for it hasn't been developed yet.

    At the same time, the so-called Enterprise Zones in Mississippi and Louisiana function as a form of patronage for political campaign contributors rather than as relief for Hurricane Katrina victims. There is no increase in the federal minimum wage; tax cuts for wealthy capitalists continue to shift the burden to workers to support a State stacked against them; and the State wants a more punishing welfare "reform" than that begun in 1993.

    Therefore, the "limited" fascism of the prison industry must be broken up as was slavery, sharecropping and company towns. Neo-fascism expresses itself as an escalated police State inside the black and Latino communities. DEA, ATFE, INS and the whole amalgam of the law enforcement apparatus represents the domestic militarism of the State in our communities. The National Guard, on the other hand, forms the backbone of the strike-breaking armed forces against the unions. This intimidating, violence-prone trend exists because of a crisis in power relations, with the bourgeoisie consolidating its power over a working class society in the grip of political paralysis.

    In the face of this, the White Left's ideological crisis crystallizes in the questions, "who is the working class" and "what is a mass movement"? The Leftist call for impeachment and war crimes trials for the US pres and his thugs are neither far reaching nor comprehensive. A serious mass movement with serious consequences must be pulled together not only to punish the present regime but also its predecessors. Depleted uranium was deployed at least in the first US-Irak war, and the Clinton administration ordered its use in Serbia.

    Nevertheless, the White Left and black petty bourgeoisie have effectively paralyzed mass action thru social democratic theory, which puts faith in the State, the tool of the bourgeoisie. The bourgeois offensive continues unchallenged as the working class lacks even the ideological tools to analyze the present crisis minus the political unity they need to repulse the attack. The aim of capitalism is to bludgeon workers into support for their own oppression, a process begun years ago; one more reason why it is critical for Black revolutionary activists to build and consolidate our own mass movement.

    Anyone unconvinced of the gravity of this situation, those not sufficiently committed to build a mass movement for these purposes, the defeat of parasitism and repression, is not following the thought of Lenin or Mao, is not "Black" in the tradition of Malcolm X or the Panthers who embodied the term, nor anti-Imperialist in the mold of Cabral or Fanon, and truly not ready to change the course of history.

    It is the job of the Black Revolution to circumvent opportunists and neo-colonialists, to build in spite of them, and lead an effective mass movement with a committed labor component. This being an altogether new historical period, the concept of Black Political Power lying in the dust some 30 years, we cannot assume a revivalist form. We need new approaches, a tougher work ethic, and direct power in the Ghetto thru economic and political means.

    Therefore, may the Conference be made of the best and most committed organizers, and may concrete action and leadership emerge from that event which will lead us all forward in the struggle against Imperialism, racism and capitalism. All power to the People!