Black Poetry : A Business in A Building

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    Business in a city
    buy a building
    depending on the price
    location of course
    water supply
    to be created
    a front
    need a security plan
    pin code
    key card
    or key tap
    then again plain ole lock and key
    need those six superior females
    to conduct what they do
    information technology infrastructure
    will be needed to be done neatly
    a project indeed
    best internet offer
    i got an idea!
    let me clothing line be worn
    by my own delivery drivers
    seasonal approach
    gather a catalog
    strap them with the knowledge
    plus all artists who have idea
    can sit down inside a booth of my building
    or just submit logo drafts
    back to my catalog of limited clothing
    about ten pages to be exact or lesser
    headgear to footwear
    while in delivery from the restaurant to the customer
    each driver gets one copy per week
    be wise who you give the catalog too
    plus make sure you got your drinks ready
    must go through the proper state and federal requirements to produce one
    post my own drink machine bought
    from online sources
    make sure the coin and cash note is clean
    thinking about making my own currency indeed
    but not yet though
    pssst eh(echoing) all receipts are signed
    that are plastic cards not cash orders of course
    back some more
    each driver get choose which piece of attire to wear
    you can pay in cash upfront
    or have certain amounts taken out of your check
    to include rental cost for the cabbie signs and bags
    i got coolers plus i can afford an ice machine i believe
    as long as water is supplied to the building i am good(echoing)
    the lawyer takes care of the representation
    the paralegal prepares the paperwork ingeniously
    the secretary handles the upfront
    you came in to donate a piece of literature?
    Okay we got you too
    get paid plus receipt stamped
    all rights yours you see
    if it be ten authors on the book
    and the book sells for ten dollars
    each author gets a dollar times each time
    i get nothing but publicly of marketing with advertisement
    i make you riches
    i exploit your talent and gift from a positive side we can both benefit
    you get exposure
    that is why i need the information technology specialist inside that building too
    to include the accountant with the prepaid cards and credit cards too
    unless you want cash
    oh someone outside is purchasing my tea for a dollar inside a plastic bottle
    the drink machine got eight more empty slots
    i need my delivery drivers to submit their drinks
    and get theirs approve
    cause of course the building has to have the proper licensing to perform any
    food related products for sale
    oh yeah don't forget that too
    back to your restaurants posted up
    to include your grocery stores too
    inside each clothing magazine got more items for females
    as they are a little bit more sophisticated by nature
    children clothing too
    hygiene products
    registered trademark and so on
    my diplomat is continuously brokering communications between
    neighborhoods and communities
    of the functions we will be having and going on
    to include other countries road tying back into the communities for a better future tie
    books get sold online
    books get sold in person cause we print them out
    we use social media to expand
    across most areas in different languages
    even a mini live studio only for instrumentalist to play their music
    creating a mini record store inside the complex
    wait a minute i will need a mini strip mall
    or large enough to departmentalize each position contracted
    plus have a spot for writers who need to type or write
    supply music made from inside musical artists
    stream our audio or sit in a live studio session
    we will publish written and typed literature
    therefore having a mini literature and compact disc section
    access our webpage you get live instrumental streaming and reader's digest
    we focus on frequencies
    we are not into making a hit or selling for competition
    clothing are hand delivered when order is placed online and via phone
    schedule an appointment to be special fitted
    we can do that
    oh really though
    don't forget if you need a driver's license
    we can train you up
    pass the test at your local department of motor vehicle
    then contract you to deliver for me
    and get your drink idea prepared
    just like cdl actually
    while i am on the road
    this is happening
    stealing away the unemployed
    with a blink of an eye
    you didn't pay attention like you was taught
    you never learned a lesson to mind your own business
    be brave about anything you do is what i was taught
    make sure you eggs is not all in one basket
    make sure you put ice in your cooler
    throw the cold in there
    and do not forget your customer hygiene items if they order any too
    wait a minute i forgot i need to know how to make my own insurance company...
    not forgetting a small wholistic wellness spa
    cause all i need is that clawfoot tub
    which adds contracting a wholistic therapist
    who specializes in aromatherapy
    massage therapy
    each customer gets a mandatory liquid detox then refilled with a liquid replenisher
    add a washer and dryer machine to my micro complex
    with a good press machine
    lemon starch or not
    meaning clothes pressed too include in the pricing
    renewed and rejuvenated plus a refreshing wholistic experience
    customer service at the max
    plus all drivers will have to detox every three months per contract conditions
    jewel cases
    an delivery app available on my website to be downloaded is a must
    plus you can take the bar without going to college
    all you need is the books
    though which states?

    A business in a building
    one piece at a time
    as one feeds the other
    serve the adjacent communities
    and watch the unemployed surface no matter any type of weather
    like a human resource person recruiting progressively
    i am head hunting...
    first i need my micro vision to succeed
    so necessary steps must be taken
    in order to build the macro vision...
    all business and economics
    the front is my frontpage in the city exposed to all
    like the back is my server in the deep woods safely
    the micro
    the macro
    a business in a building
    is like my sample of my Empire.