Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : A brotha with no more tolerance for weaves/wigs


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Jul 20, 2011
Hello brothas and sistas, great discussion I've enjoyed listening to it- but as a small black business owner, I just started my own virgin indian hair extension website/company- Lovely Hair For Her and really need the support of the community. If you've got any friends or family that is into indian virgin hair please have them check out the website and like us on facebook. Thank you all, for what you do on your site with the community- god bless you and have a truly blessed day.



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Sep 3, 2011
Well it is simple marketing my friend :) supply and demand. If you men don't speak up and say eeewww to weaves and white girl do's, which are rediculous in my opinion (weaves)omg. If you like her hair natural, tell her often and in such a way as to make her feel good about having it that way. She will keep it that way! Or go natural if she values your opinion and you communicate it the right way. If you pay it no mind she will probably change it, especially if it becomes such a task to maintain. You have brothers like you then you have the majority who want to run their fingers through your hair blah blah and say they like long hair, not meaning kinky natural long hair. So women try to cater to what's demanded to feel attractive, sadly.

Even if your hair is short I still think your hair can look really good and you could be beautiful since beauty in truth is from the inside out.

If you're not too shy speak your mind when you see single women with a weave lol. Say something to encourage them in a positive way to be natural. We have to uplift each other sometimes. I know I dealt with verbal abuse growing up and struggle with self-esteem. This can effect the way you feel about yourself for the rest of your life. I know myself and that I have potential, but those lingering pains and memories still lurk in my subconscious mind sometimes I guess and I feel discouraged. Our minds are conditioned with our experiences. Therefore they need to be reconditioned. I was talking to an acquaintance and I asked him a question to which his answer was that he would compliment me over and over, and it was an unexpected response. I thought why, and I realized that he understood that as black women we are ridiculed in society and we need to be reassured by YOU. He always compliments me in greetings in goodbyes etc etc and I think its sweet and it makes a difference for me a good one. In school who do the boys like, the girls with the long permed hair right? Just as a man likes his "ego" stroked a women likes to be flattered, complimented flirted with so...then there is always room for scrutiny :).


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Aug 4, 2011
Hello everybody. This is my first post on DESTEE?
I'm a former weave addict. I've been loced for several years. When I wore weaves my sig other did not like the weave but I wore my hair the way "I" wanted. I've heard many Brothers express their confusion and disapproval of the Black woman and weave, including my own. Even now, after all these years, I sometimes miss that weave,lol. I really think it's a girl thing - we like hair! I do wonder why we disregard (some) of our brothers (negative) opinion of weaves and wigs.

I usually avoid women with hair weaves and I am sure many BM do. I think hair weaves are OK on unique & rare occasions ... but not for 'everyday' usage. Laughed @ weave addict.

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