Black People : A Brief Timeline

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    A Brief Timeline**********

    *This is a Brief Timeline [Time Cycle] based upon my research of over 20 years from the Creation of Adam until this day. This time cycle is based upon the advent of THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM and the return of it during the second and only planetary alignment sense it came into orbit 2000 years ago. Also, this timeline is crossed referenced and based upon other events in history as well as a comparison and contrast to other timelines. It is based upon the KJV Bible. I hope to add more explanations to it later.

    4022 B.C. ----- The Creation of Adam
    4012 B.C. -----
    3882 B.C. ----- the birth of Seth
    2956 BC ----- the birth of Noah
    2667 BC ----- the Great Steppe Pyramid of Djoser [Imhotep; high **************priest/architect
    2356 BC ----- April 17; The Great World Flood
    2006 BC ----- Noah dies
    1662 BC ------ Destruction of Minoa
    1662 BC ----- 18th Dynasty Moses Kings begin [Ahmoses & Kamoses]
    1516 BC ----- the birth of Moses
    1436 BC ----- September 14; EXODUS
    956 BC ----- October 15; King Solomon lays foundation of temple, 4th year ************of reign
    662 BC ---- The Fall of Northern Israel [Ten Tribes/Joseph]
    545 BC ---- The Fall of Southern Israel [Jewry]
    488 BC ---- 1st year reign of King Belshazzar; Daniel's vision 2012 prophecy
    475 BC ---- king Belshazzar slain; Cyrus-the-great's edict ending 70 year **********captivity for Jews; many but not all go back to Jerusalem
    453 BC ---- 1st year of Darius-the-great; 62 years old; re-instates Cyrus *********decree and Jews continued to construct second temple of God
    332 BC ---- prophecy of arch angel Gabriel in the Book of DANIEL; Alexander-**********the-great overthrows Medo-Persia
    AD 2 ------- April 17, advent of STAR OF BETHLEHEM; birth of Jesus Christ
    AD 2002 ---- April 17, return of STAR OF BETHLEHEM; ensign of Christ in only ***********other planetary alignment since 2000 years ago


    AD 33 ----- October 15; Jesus dies
    AD 33 ----- October 17; RESURRECTION
    AD 33 ----- November 26; Day of ASCENSION [America's Thanksgiving Day!]
    AD 33 ----- December 6; Day of PENTECOST [Birthday of Holy Ghost]
    AD 66 ----- 1st Jewish Revolt; over 100,000 die; MASADA
    AD 70 ----- temple destroyed by the Roman government
    AD 80 ---- Roman Coliseum completed
    AD 90 ---- CONSSUMATION of 7 Churches of Asia Minor [Turkey]
    AD 433 -- Invasion of Huns...

    [1] And it came to pass in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month Zif, which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the LORD [1 KINGS 6:1].

    1436 [Exodus] - 480 YEARS = 956 BC

    Jesus died on October 15, the same day Solomon laid the foundation of the first temple of god. King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed this temple but, the second temple was built up during the Persian Empire. It too was destroyed by the Roman empire in A.D. 70.

    Because the Romans changed the dates and times, the only way to confirm the birth of Jesus was based on the long awaited prophecy of the advent of the new moving star, the STAR OF BETHLEHEM. The only reason why it was called this was because it aligned itself when it came into orbit at a 180 degree angle [straight line] over Jerusalem. It did the same thing again in AD 2002, April 17. I happened to pass by my TV and heard the 6:00 News. Therefore I went out around 5:00 A.M. in the morning and saw it myself. Based upon the state that I live in the news reporter said that it could be seen at an angle around 5:00 in the morning for about an hour before the sunlight drowned out the view. It took me about two years before I actually put it all together and realized that the planet Saturn is the actual STAR OF BETHLEHEM! I went to see the show at the planetarium called, the Star of Bethlehem where it gave an account of this scientific phenomena.

    Without this star history cannot be confirmed. St. Luke did describe it as a moving star and the science behind the planet Saturn is astonishing. Its' return confirms that America's Calendar is off by 2 years.