Black Spirituality Religion : A brief discourse on Initiation by a Priest of Olokun

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    Courtesy of Ifasehun:

    The materials used to create the shrine(s)
    The meals prepared for you and those servicing the week or more time.
    The travel expense of other priests
    The living accomodations , including bed linen etc.
    The gas to go to the stores and buy material needed for you
    The animals that need to be sacrificed
    The spiritual tools (which won't be mentioned here) but have to be made from hand.
    The payment to drummers, singers etc. that perform specific rites on your behalf.

    Furthermore, sacrifice is fundamental to our culture. Those that ask for everything and give nothing in return are thieves. This is what the Ancestors say. Sacrifice is both a physical and metaphysical principle that requires that you give somthing that you value to obtain for something greater. The list above is the mundane materials required to do the science to get to the "greater" something.

    If the materials cost something, somebody has to pay for it.

    It is and always will be the person receiving initiation. Having had to save off and on, I can attest to the soundness of the practice and testify to what happens when someone skimps on supplies trying to "help you save money".

    There are ofcourse different prices depending on lineage and priest and what their crowned Orisa dictates (prices are normally set in stone by Deity, not man) Some people raise animals, so it is cheaper. Other people have to travel further for certain herbs, so it costs more. Some people have to pay the gov't officials to get certain things taken care of. Sometimes the Orisa ask for more of a certain item in your rituals, but not anothre person's because your spirit needs the extra amount of sage, kola nut, rum, shea butter, or whatever.

    I always suggest thta people shop around and remember, you get what you pay for. If you've found a trustworthy priest that does great work, then you can be assured theuy will help you get what you need at the best price for you.

    But to characterize it simply as greed is uninformed. Dare I say it is the jealous or those that lack the confidence in their own abilities to raise the money that say this most often? There are people in the heart of the ghettos of Brazil, the backwoods of Nigeria, and the projects of NYC that can manage to get their money right, so no one has any real excuses, except doubt and/or fear.

    I can account for everything spent in my initiation and I am glad I didn't ask anybody to cut corners, I have seen what happens when people try to do this. It's not very pretty.

    lastly, I have found that people try to skirt around the expenses of initiation don't make very good priest either. They simply continue to "try" and cut corners on everything. And the results are obvious.

    What you should have mastered before you ASSUME you need to get initiated

    Can you name the 16 odu?
    Can you identify general character of each 16 primary Odu?
    Can you recite one prediction for each primary Odu?
    Can you identify that Odu when it falls on the mat in 4 Obi?
    Can you identify that Odu when it falls on the mat in 16 cowry?
    Can you identify that Odu when it falls on the mat in Opele?
    Can you identify that Odu when it comes with Ikin?
    Can you identify at least on path of every Orisa?
    Do you know the Yoruba alphabet by memory?
    Do you know how to salute and Orisa?
    Do you know how to salute other Orisa devotees?
    Do you know the difference between Adimu and Ebo?
    Do you know the levels of each? Do you know which you can give and which ones you can't?
    Do you know how to salute all your Orisa and Egun in Yoruba exclusively?
    Do you know how to divine with 4 obi/cowry?
    Do you know how to choose foods for your Orisa and Egun?
    Do you know what your Egun expect of you and other families members?
    Do you know where your Ancestors hail from in Africa?
    Do you know what primary tasks your Egun help you with daily?
    Do you know what Adimu/Ebo give the best results with YOUR Orisa and Egun?
    Do you know how to pick the best foods, say for instance what makes the best coconut?
    Have you been with one teacher for at least a year?
    Have you learned verbativ everything they have tried to teach you?
    Do you have Eleke?
    Do you have Ile Run?
    Do you have Awo'Fakan?
    Do you have at least one Esu, if not ALL the warriors?
    Do you know how to work your Ile'Run, Awo'Fakan, and Warriors as well as anyone else?

    Do I have to get initiated in Afrikan Spiritual Systems?


    There are lots of things to master that can bring spiritual evolution. People are hoping initiation will end all their problems and they get mad when they don't have the money or no one wants to assist them in getting it done. The truth is initiation brings GREATER challengs, MORE responsibility along with spiritual science. It means carrying other people when they can't carry themselves. It means NO excuses, no matter what. It means taking people into your home, sometimes feeding them and their families.

    Whether a person can raise the fee for ALL their initiations supplies a pretty darn good indicator of whether they can handle some of the pressures that come with priesthood.

    Initiation's purpose is NOT supposed to bring spiritual evolution. It is to make priest of particular people tha are supposed to aid everyone in their spiritual evolution.

    Your spiritual evolution is not dependent on getting initiated. It is dependent on your relationship and your level of work with the deities and your ancestors.

    Your spiritual growth depends on your level of effort, not whether you get initiated.

    Some people are chosen for this vocation and their destinies become intertwined in it. For them it is important they do it. But even they, if possible should make time to study, and study more before they take the leap.

    Somebody should be able to see the priest in you WAY before you ever try to get initiated. If your life is in a jumber, you never get anything done. you are falling off the Earth adn you always require assistance you got to work on YOU, not work on initiation.

    For a VERY small minority initiation is prescribed for illness or better stability in life. They will be forced to learn the above after they are initiated, but that is NOT ideal.\

    But for the most part there is only one way to be happy and successful-put in the work. Initiation is for people that already put in work and are ready to work on themselves and others at the SAME TIME.

    This is why it takes some people so long to get their money together. Their spirit isn't readyh for the obligation. Their mind wants it, but their spirit knows better.

    The vast majority of African spiritual devotees NEVER get initiated adn they live great lives by working on their spiritual development.

    Elders sharing information

    Elders have only one obligation. To teach you how to work with whatever shrine you have been given. In doing so, they have prepared you for your spiritual work. They don't have to help you become good priest, unless they have actually promised you this. And they can take a lifetime to bestow that information upon you. And if they don't, and they want to give it all to you in one seating, they are probably trying to HURT you. None of us come prepared t process the vast knowledge of Ifa in a few years. Only sages. And we know them when we see them. And most of us ain't seen one yet