Black Spirituality Religion : A Blessing for 2007

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    Focus on your Physical Mental and Spiritual Health. Calibrate yourself with your highest ideals, nature, God, whatever those might be. In order to Cleanse – you must detach yourself from certain people, ideas, situations, foods that bring about negative buildup. In moments of sorrow, never forget the moments of sorrow you have already survived. Oppression is weaken by your enduring spirit. You will always have your doubts, and for that- there are those standing in wait to remind you of how important you are to all.

    Life will manage to teach you a very important lesson this year. It will only serve you what you are prepared for. This year, instead of insisting that you have a problem, assume that you have an answer. It is your assumptions about things, negative or positive that creates the reality you experience. You can focus on the wars. You can focus on the hate. You can also focus on every doom and gloom scenario this world has to offer. Your focus on such things can’t erase them. Your most powerful emotion, the one that has the most effect on the energy around you is the emotion of life; the energy that surrenders itself for a higher purpose. You are living the book of Creation in your own words, in your own worlds.

    Your blackness gives you the ability to communicate and express on several realities all at once. One positive thought from you changes time itself. Time is indeed an illusion. But as we partition our lives into years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes- take this very second – its yours- to do with as you will, because only you can truly Master your destiny.

    2007 is yours for the taking.

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    God MS,

    Do you know if this was your very first thread on Destee?

    What is the blessing for 2009?

    Thank ye!